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Fashion Design Fusions: Few Great Indo-Western Combos

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Fusion can be a great opportunity for creating a unique fashion statement. The combinations of spectacular Indian wear with Indian flavours of colours, art and patterns can well be matched amazingly with Western wear.

In Indian fashion designing, the trend of fusion has not only been a direction taken by designers to innovate, but also to win acclaim for indigenous fashion on the international stage. World-famous Indian designers have all created an impact at global fashion shows by leveraging on the exclusivity of pure Indian fashion elements.

It is not just India’s new generation that is trying to show off some fusion style. Even the fashion enthusiasts in the West are trying to seamlessly adopt Indian fashion to their wardrobes. Fashion design schools are hotbeds of innovation in this regard, with amazing talents making their power-packed fashion flavours, showing the promise for tomorrow’s Indian fashion scene.

No matter if you are picking up style tips from your fashion design classes or any other ways, we believe that the following combinations we are suggesting will give you some spark to innovate in fashion.



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Skirt Fusions


Let’s start with the simplest one: A Banarasi brocade skirt with a plain white shirt. Now this derives elegance in fashion in abundance while highlighting traditional weaves and designs. A comfortable combo, it has beauty and grace in equal measures.

Talking of skirts, if you want to pair something elegantly Indian with a pleated skirt, try a Chikankari kurta for the top. There would hardly be a better combination of sheer Indian art with a largely modest and stylish Western attire like a pleated skirt.


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Denim Fusions


Denim seems to be open to a lot of chances at fusion. Don’t believe it? How about combining a denim skirt with a Chanderi Peplum top? It’s a fresh take on fusion and makes a good impression with fashion buffs! Now, since vibrant colours and great patterns are features of Indian attires, the denim and the top can complement each other tremendously.

Indian flavours can also come in as fashion accessories like Kolhapuri chappals to combine with a casual wear like a pair of plain blue jeans, or pajebs (anklets) with ripped denim pants. Add some interesting Banjara earrings and see where it takes you in style!


Dress Fusions


Ah! Dresses. Imagine wearing a beautifully embroidered Ikat jacket over a simple slip dress. It changes the casual wear suddenly to a stylish and artsy fashion wear!

Another one we could imagine is a skater dress that is complemented by Kundan jewellery. In fact, these kinds of combinations are increasingly getting popular with celebrities in the West.

In attempting a reverse style, think of wearing tan boots with say an Angrakha dress! Another combo could be an Angrakha kurta with cigarette pants.

India’s cultural diversity presents many opportunities to combine its great elements with Western fashion. It is up to you to try the best combinations that work for you and style you up like never before!


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