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Fashion Design Guide: Common Fashion Fails to be Wary Of

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We understand fashion is a craze for many. But appropriateness is not a new concept and works great in different occasions of life. Fashion fails need not be always the result of ignorance. The vices of overconfidence, desperation, bad advice, imitation and compromise makes many a wardrobe just a pile of evidence of an identity crisis.

There are wise men who agree that “Clothes make the man” is a practically true adage. If you are indifferent to learning the language of dressing, think again. Surely, your attire is making first impressions on total strangers who could matter to you at some point of your life. Needless to say how those who already know you are going to pass a comment on your way of dressing.

Fashion and designing courses guide students into understanding occasional wear namely casual, formal, semi-formal, festive, party-wear and others. As important it is for them to understand these classifications, any person with a fashion sense also should have this awareness. The whole domain of fashion designing at its core values the element of proper dressing the most.

The code of good dressing is taught by fashion design colleges. So keeping with this context, let us check out some common fashion fails and be alert to avoid them.


White Socks with Black Shoes


Post the school years, white socks should hardly be with you as a grown up man. If you still have a hangover of the black shoes with white socks combination, here’s advice. Rather, choose to wear black socks and appear serious enough. And if you are under the impression that only shoes matter and not the socks, please unlearn that and do the right thing today!


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Trim Fit Shirts


Trim fit shirts are not a wrong choice per se. It is only a disaster for those who simply don’t fit gracefully into it. The fact has to be remembered that fashion starts with the physique. Fashion cannot change who you are. So if you are not physically trim, save yourself the embarrassment of popping buttons and bulging torso by choosing loose clothes that suit you better and make you feel comfortable.


The See-through Dress


This goes for men and women. Unless you are in a party-hard or have-fun club, flaunting your inners wearing a see-through dress is a disgrace in almost every other formal or casual occasion. There, it exhibits suggestiveness, cheap taste and lack of class.


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Quirky Prints


A sunny day on a sandy beach could afford you to have all kinds of queer and quirky prints on your clothes. Except that, it’s in your best interest to wear neat, plain, modestly coloured dresses for any other instance of your daily life.


Sneakers with Suits


God forbid you from making this grave mistake of bringing two opposing concepts on to you. Wear formal shoes with suits and use sneakers when you do sport or go for a stroll in jeans. It’s that simple a rule!


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The Short Skirt


Ladies, if you are pondering how fashionably short your skirt can be at office, try bending forward to the ground. If your inners show, it’s time to add length to your skirt. A short skirt suits a bar or club on a weekend where you don’t mind flashing a bit. For every other occasion of daily life, choose to wear skirts that are long enough to be modest.

It’s easy to go wrong in fashion. The bottom line is that it pays to be well-informed and appropriate about dressing up.


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