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Fashion Design Guide: Types of Neckties and When to Wear Them

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A tie is considered as a must-have accessory in a man’s wardrobe. It comes very handy for various occasions such as a party, formal meeting or an interview. When paired right, it can instantly glam up the look.

Today, there are many fashion designing brands that have come up with amazing designs and styles. Ties are available in 7 different styles.


Read on to known the types of ties and when to wear them.


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Four in Hand Necktie


This is one of the most common neckties. It is available in numerous patterns, colours, materials, textures and widths. The ‘Windsor Knot’ is something that you need to master. Wear this tie with a crisp formal shirt and blazer.


The Seven Fold Tie


As the name says, this tie is folded into seven folds into a knot. The absence of lining makes it very easy to knot it. It can be worn to any formal event. These ties are a bit pricey, however worth having one in your wardrobe for special occasions.

Tie is a very interesting fashion accessory. Learning how to design one in fashion design classes are ways to explore new design creativity.


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Skinny Necktie


Skinny neckties were very popular during the 50’s and 60’s. These ties have made a major comeback and are spotted almost in every party and event. Skinny ties can be worn with jeans and checkered skirt for a stylish look.

Reinventing styles from the past is something students learn in a fashion design course. It’s a smart way to redefine new styles.


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Certainly a must-have for formal events. They go really well with seersucker suits. The bowtie can be worn to cocktail parties, formal events and balls.


Bolo Tie


The bolo tie is a popular style from the 70’s. This tie can be reserved for few occasions and goes really well in places in southwest. The bolo tie is very interesting to look at and many fashion design institutes actually focus on teaching new designs.




The cravat is pinned and is mostly used for formal occasions. Wear this if you are looking forward to attending races or clubs.


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Commonly seen on boy scouts, the neckerchief may not be appropriate for work or formal occasions. It could however be as a casual wear.

With the above guide, you can now choose your style of neckties for whichever event you decide to attend.

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