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Fashion Design Study: Why Study Period Costumes

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Clothing as a human invention has evolved from a bare necessity to a highly fashionable accessory made and used by choice, through the centuries. The history of human development has spawned the changing concepts of clothing and fashion from time to time. Studying these periods of change from the fashion perspective has respective relevance to everyone.

Fashion designing is a domain of study that makes possible the understanding of the changes in the nature and use of clothing. Studying period costumes is an attempt to identify clear indicators of influential factors acting on human behaviour. These factors change their preferences in clothing. From the ancient concepts of clothing to the fashion trends of the modern age, garments from different eras reflect the psychological shift of people as well.

In fashion design training, researching period costumes builds the crux of evaluation of styles and trends. It is interesting to learn at fashion design schools the cycles fashion trends go through. A study of costumes from different periods in history has great relevance. Let’s examine what it is all about and why one should ideally study period costumes.

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For Understanding Culture

Knowing your roots and other cultures will help you adapt, extend and innovate fashion to suit specific cultures and ethnicities. In a community, if you want to stand out or differ without being at odds with people’s sentiments, it is necessary to find the next best applicable garment design for them. That takes observation and research.

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To Imitate or Emulate

Dressing up in different ways meant different things in different periods of human history. Traditions always keep memories of symbolic or status-based clothing, which when rightly understood and adopted, can be imitated or emulated in the new designs. This helps to gain a certain kind and level of acceptance desired from people.

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For Functional Advantages

The functional roles and practices of people at home and at work have evolved dramatically through the centuries. Socio-economic factors and the climatic and geographic conditions that has prevailed and changed in time has been behind changes in people’s choices regarding clothing.

A striking example is the change in dressing trends following the industrial revolution. Understanding this legacy of changing trends in clothing and fashion helps us understand the suitability and effectiveness of particular dress forms and designs.

For Successful Innovation

When innovative designs in fashion becomes convincing and appealing to a wide sector of the society, your success as a fashion designer follows naturally. When the designer does his research and homework well around the design he/she is conceiving, he/she can be clear about the customers for the design and be confident about the impact it is going to make.

These and more factors build the foundation for the necessity to study period costumes. Making a dedicated effort to learn this interesting topic in fashion design gives you an edge in personal and professional domains.

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