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Fashion Design Training: Fun to Do Stitches

Fashion designing institutes

Fashion is a lot fun to work on, and it starts from something so basic an activity in fashion designing like stitching.

The art of stitching is so varied and the craft has a history of craftsmen inventing their own unique styles. Fashion designing institutes teach this craft in detail through its courses.

When you get to learn many interesting varieties of stitches, you’d begin to get a sense of achievement that is far bigger than when you learn to stitch a button and a buttonhole. Besides, every articulate stitch serves as a basic pattern for making a design on a garment. A fashion designing course is a good way to acquire knowledge about stitching in a great variety of styles.

Let’s just look at some of the very interesting and creative stitching styles/techniques in fashion designing.


fashion designing course


The Satin Stitch


Satin stitch is a good filler stitch. The stitch brings a thick and solid content on the garment. It’s the stitch to use if you want to fill up a design like leaves or flowers. All you need is to pick the right colour for the thread. The “satin” name denotes the shiny smooth raised surface left behind once the stitching is complete.

The stitch is basically made by running a needle with thread to the top at a point on the garment and going down at a second point, followed by coming back again at another point in the top direction, repeating the process.


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The Stem Stitch


The stitch gets its name from being frequently used in stitching stems of flowers in embroidery works. The stitch is largely a favourite among craftsmen especially to create neat, lean and curvy outlines.

To create the stitch, first, the threaded needle is brought up at the beginning of the pattern. Then take it down at a point a stitch length away. Come up again a stitch length from the previous stitch. Send the needle down again beside the centre of the previous stitch. Keep the stitch close to the pattern’s line. Now all you need to do is repeat the last 2 steps. Ensure that the needle is send down on the same side every time.


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Chain Stitch


It takes some effort to perfect this stitch though it is very appealing once it is mastered. It’s a beautiful stitch for outlines. As the name suggests, the stitch emulates the creation of chain links.

To make a simple chain stitch, first make a regular stitch on a fabric loosely. Come up through the fabric at a little distance away from the first stitch and pull the needle through the loosely stitched previous stitch, pulling all the way through. Go down through the same point where you came up last and pull all the way through. Repeating this process creates a series of chain links, together making a chain stitch.

Many of such stitching crafts are involved in creating very fascinating designs, and are the reasons for the beauty of many indigenous embroidery arts. Hamstech’s fashion design course also deals with this topic and helps budding designers to innovative crafts work on garments.


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