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Fashion Designing Basics: Factors Influencing Popular Fashion

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In the fashion designing process, every individual plays an influential role in creating fashion trends. Right from the designer and stylist to the celebrities, every individual serves as the perfect muse in influencing popular fashion.

In the words of famous German fashion designer Wolfgang Joop, “Fashion is about Suspense, Surprise & Fantasy. It’s not about Rules”. And indeed, fashion is all about setting new trends with surprisingly unique designs and styles.

With that thought in mind, let’s explore few factors that influence popular fashion.

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Fashion Forecast (Colour & Fabric)

Deciding the colour, fabric and look for the upcoming season is something that every designer works on. Designers start working on new styles and patterns couple of months in advance so it’s ready when the actual season begins.

Here, in the fashion process, fashion forecasters gain inputs from textile designers, colour experts and marketers. The information gathered from them helps designers to create a trend report for the upcoming season. Hence, in one season you could get to see lots of floral motifs and in another, abstract prints. Similarly, at a time swede fabric is seen ruling the market and at another time, it’d be fine net fabric.

This cycle of colour and fabric trends are spawned by fashion designers to influence buyers who find them in fashion houses and retail stores.


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Celebrities are one of the biggest fashion influencers. Fashion designers and celebrities keep a close connection. Designers specifically design outfits for celebrities to wear in movies, fashion shows, red carpet events, etc. These outfits when seen on celebrities get the attention of the public and becomes popular.

As fashion designing students, getting an opportunity to design for fashion shows and other events adds to the learning experience.


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Movies & Music

The entertainment world is a major influencer of fashion. From Hollywood to the entertainment industries of any nation, movie stars and musicians woo the audience with their fashionable clothing and style.

One of the iconic looks popularised by an actor is Audrey Hepburn’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. In the movie, she wore a black fitting sleeveless gown adorned with a string of pearls. Similarly, in the movie “Hum Aapke Hai Kaun”, actress Madhuri Dixit wore a royal blue saree with heavy embroidery and sequin work, teamed with a backless blouse. This outfit gained immense popularity and was donned by many women in functions and other occasions.

Music artists too greatly contribute to making fashion popular. Artists are often seen sporting fancy accessories, jackets, dress, etc. Many musicians have even started their own fashion brand and are attracting a lot of fans to their outlets.

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Fashion Stylist

Fashion and models keep changing but one thing that’s constantly required is the service of a fashion stylist. A fashion stylist is the one who basically decides the entire look for a celebrity for a show or beyond. Behind a successful look or a design, lies the creativity of a fashion stylist. A stylist greatly influences the fashion trend as they are able to visualize which accessory can go with which garment.

Fashion styling can be pursued as a profession. However, this requires thorough training from a fashion design institute.

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Economy of a Country

The economy of a country is another factor influencing fashion. When there’s rise in the price of a fabric, designers may make certain alterations to their designs rather than pricing it high. In most cases, designers use less expensive fabrics considering the adverse weather conditions where the prices of certain fabrics rise. For example, fabrics such as silk, satin and velvet sees a frequent price fluctuation.

As a student of fashion design, subjects such as fashion marketing can be best understood by pursuing a fashion designing course.

Fashion design as a subject is vast. The more you explore and experiment, surprising are the results! All you need to do is work towards your goal and be creative. Use innovative designing methods which can make your designs popular.

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