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Fashion Designing Basics: Must-haves in a Man’s Wardrobe

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When a man makes an effort to look good, he may end up splurging on expensive clothes and accessories. Like we all know, this may not always be a wise decision, mainly because of its waste of time and money.

Going by the simplest sense of fashion designing, men often take their everyday wardrobe for granted. The actual concept of “must-haves” in a man’s wardrobe is the following:

  • Clothes that act as your basic foundation for just about any outfit.
  • When paired together, must complement other garments and accessories
  • Can be easily mixed and matched with other outfits
  • Rescues you in almost every situation, be it a business meeting, casual evening, weddings or any other occasion.

So, here we have the must-haves that every man’s wardrobe must possess to suit every occasion and event:


White Button-down Shirt


fashion design course


A crisp white button down shirt is a must-have as most of your wardrobe can easily be paired with it. The white shirt adds a lot of versatility to your dressing. It can be worn with a blue denim for a casual evening or paired with a formal suit for a business meeting.


A Pair of Grey Trousers


fashion designing institute


A pair of grey trousers can effortlessly take you from office to party. Tuck in any light coloured shirt or pullover a crew neck jumper and you are good to go.

Getting familiar with fashion language is not an easy task but you could join a fashion designing institute to learn more. In a fashion institute, topics such as “fashion communication”, teaches students the importance of dressing right along with other topics like visual merchandising, etc.


A smart two-piece suit


fashion design diploma


You may not be the person who wears a suit to work but, it’s certainly is a must-have. A single-breasted suit is a good way to get started. You never know when the need arises to wear one.


Denim Jacket


colleges for fashion design


A denim jacket is one such piece of clothing that can be worn by the young and old. It’s an ageless piece of garment. You can wear it over a tee-shirt or over a pair of denim. It makes any style look effortlessly cool.

Having said that, not many people are able to style a denim jacket properly. But in a fashion design course, students are tuned to think creatively. The course aims at training students into every aspect of designing.


Your Must-have Footwear


fashion designing in hyderabad


Simple sneakers, loafers, and formal shoes are definitely a must-have.

White sneakers are the most preferred for casual wear. They go well with your denim and other casual clothing. Loafers, on the other hand, are semi-casuals. They easily blend with casuals and semi-formal clothing. Formal shoes, these are highly impossible not to have one. Every man must invest in a smart pair of formal shoes.

Once you are a part of fashion design classes, you eventually understand fashion basics and start incorporating it into your everyday life.

This and lot more can be added to a man’s wardrobe. To begin with you can use these tips and revamp your wardrobe. Be effortlessly stylish.


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