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Fashion Designing Guide: The Basics of Fashion Marketing

The fashion stores put up a good display for you, and practically entice you into trying the outfits. If you knew a thing or more about fashion marketing and fashion merchandising, you’d appreciate the store’s efforts. If you are new to it, here’s what you should know about some basic fashion marketing.

Marketing is, in simple terms, the superset of efforts put into informing the customers about a particular product and ensuring that they choose that product against the competitor’s products. From the beginning of planning a product, to bringing the finished product to the stores, a series of well-thought, well-researched and well-executed steps are involved.

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When it comes to fashion designing, the journey from the birth of a garment’s design to its leaving the store racks involves activities that are in composite a work of art, creativity, craftiness, observation, planning, strategy and flawless execution.

These factors should be known to those who have done fashion designing courses. But we at Hamstech Institute believe that even fashion enthusiasts deserve to know something about it. So let us get introduced to the particular elements of fashion marketing and how they are implemented at different stages of the marketing effort.

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Collecting Information

It’s essential that you know the crowd you are selling to. When it comes to fashion, there’s a greater role of mutual suggestion that comes into play. You as a fashion designer can bring a new design idea out and create a demand for it or the customers will bring their own choices that you need to provide artfully on.

The quest for information on prevalent trends and opportunities for innovation in design are among the basic steps for starting and staying steady in the fashion field. The broader shifts are the readily observable fashion dynamics whereas further investigation and observation can show smaller and temporary shifts in buyer behaviour, all owing to an array of influencers.

Setting the Cost and the Price

When the garment design gets approved, the cost to produce the garment is estimated and the subsequent pricing fixed. The cost and pricing depends on factors like quality, volume of production, class of product, and many more. The brand value also plays a big role in fixing the price.

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Promoting the Product

Promoting a fashion product has different channels and methods. These include advertising campaigns on television and online media, promoting through channels opened up through public relations and personal selling. Using public figures and models to feature their garments is an instance of strategy that works well for fashion.

Reaching the Garments to Sales Point

The availability of garments at stores is a common and expected scenario. But depending on the brand value, the niche element, the brand projection and customer base, the availability of the garments as readymade or bespoke could be dealt with differently. Bespoke could be delivered to the customer while readymade made available at the store. Besides, the online portals are providing a new channel for sales based on “delivered to order” concept.

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Selling the Garment

Visual merchandise is a strong feature employed at physical stores to attract the right kind of customers. For online sales, the same practice is employed on a virtual platform that is combined with offers where desirable. Niche brands and classy fashion are often sought after and needs just heads up strategies to bring customers to sales point.

The evaluation of sales restarts the next cycle of product life, planned and executed better. Getting formal education about the intricacies of fashion marketing can take you along into mastering the skills of sales promotion and sales generation.

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