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Fashion Designing Guide to Optimal Colour Combinations for Attires

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Marc Chagall made an interesting quote once that said “All colors are the friends of their neighbors and the lovers of their opposites.” How well it reflects the psychology behind choosing colors for garments to be fashionable!

Being avid about fashion and fashion designing, you should be eager to know more about pairing the right colors for the right occasion and be reasonable with it. Many fashion design schools are particular about this topic. Granted the need for experimentation, certain combinations of colors rock for sure. Learning the optimal combinations involve a good understanding of staple fashion design classes topics like the color wheel.

If you are into fashion and design courses already, we’re going to reiterate a few things you already know and agree with, and explore a few more that are interesting.

Let’s get going with a guide to optimal colour combinations to stay fashionable.


Yellow and Green


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It’s amazing how these shades are the most peppy colours to choose for your attire. Moreover, this combination looks great on most skin complexions. So try pairing a yellow blazer with a green skirt or a khaki pant.  Gold and green accessories add to the overall style and vibe. This combination is a great one to be in a wardrobe especially for winter.


Gray and Crimson


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Crimson color tops can complement grey bottoms and blend well into a balanced mix. The beauty lies in having a brilliant shade like crimson combined with a neutral colour that creates a sober effect when you want to be radiant, but not too loud.


Red and Blue


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Bring your favourite blue jeans and pair them with a red colour shirt and the most killer combination is on. This is a well known, energetic combination and is popularly worn by all. If you’re donning a red blazer or jacket, the shirt/tshirt can ideally be a white one. The two basic colors make a combination that never fails to bring out your bold side.


Orange and Blue


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The most brilliant complimentary color combination you can have is orange and blue. The combination oozes energy and vigour. A black footwear and alternately colored designer jewellery can pep up this mix.


Pink and White


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It’s a charming combo for a girl to have pink and white for her attire. It’s so sweet and feminine,  it brings a breeze along and softness to the eyes. The nearest best combination is gray and pink, which are complementary colours.  The combination of white or gray with pink make you look versatile and it really works in almost all outdoor situations.


Tan and Maroon


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It’s almost impossible to pair rich colors with neutrals. A striking exception though is combining tan and maroon. Imagine maroon pants paired with a tan top or a maroon jacket with tan skinny jeans. Adding tan or maroon shoes alternately works great for this combination.

There’s a wide palette and numerous combinations that can work wonders. If you observe and experiment, very possibly you’ll discover the next trending combo to dress up in style.

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