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Fashion Designing Guide: Types of Bridal Lehengas

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The wedding season is never over in the Indian fashion scene. As for any other fashion trend, bridal fashion too just keeps on coming with new collections and styles to look out for.

When thinking of bridal wear, it would mostly bring the ornate, red saree to mind. It’s still very much the cultural attire but, the fashion sense of Indian women is going beyond it. Many women have been eyeing lehengas as the next big thing in Indian weddings. It’s comfortable, easy and very fashionable and the lehenga-choli combination has so much variety in designs that makes it irresistible.

Ask fashion designing students and they will agree how much the lehenga-choli fashion in the ethnic wear category has gained fandom these days. In bridal fashion, the increased trend of wearing designer lehengas has brought back the spotlight on this garment. This attire has a history which dates back to the times of the Mughals.

The lehenga-choli basically is an ensemble that includes a long skirt, choli, and dupatta. The adaptations of this basic attire bring out different styles, fabrics, and designs that are distinctly identifiable by anyone who knows well about the garment.

Bridal lehengas have an exclusivity that reflects in the designs, it’s a feature which fashion design students would follow in their designs while pursuing fashion designing courses. Indian fashion designing schools are today guiding designers to master designing of bridal wear that can’t be missed by the fashion connoisseurs.

A look at the types of bridal lehengas in vogue will prove that creativity has everything to do with these elegant garments designed for the bride to shine in that pivotal occasion of life.

The A-Line Lehenga

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The A-Line lehenga is, as the name suggests, designed to look like an ‘A’ shape. This is achieved by making a broad cut along the length of the skirt. The skirt, which is tight at the waist, spreads out at the bottom. This skirt suits a pear shape body as it’s the perfect example of a lehenga that combines elements of both traditional charm and modern design.

Panelled Lehenga

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panelled lehenga is quite heavy as lots of fabric gets added to the skirt. These additions come as horizontal panels that are attached to the lehenga, which have a great deal of embellishment and designs. Contrasting fabrics for the panels also gives way for very impressive variant designs.

Circular Lehenga

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With a broad flare that ends up forming a full circle at the hem, the circular lehenga is a beautiful skirt that is best when made in long, flowing fabric like silk. The lehenga starts with many pleats near the waist, which creates a base for the circular shape that forms at the hem of the skirt. The skirt is very suitable for cone shaped bodies. A choli or fitted kurti matches the lehenga perfectly.

Mermaid or Fish-Cut Lehenga

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As the name suggests, this lehenga is designed after a mermaid. The skirt goes tight at the knees and flares from the calves. The final shape looks like a fishtail towards the bottom. This type of lehenga comes to be pretty heavy but gracefully accentuates the curves. Hence, it is most suitable for an hourglass body. This lehenga also suits straight body figures.

Straight Cut Lehenga

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The most common style of bridal lehengas, this skirt has a straight cut from the waist to the bottom, showing off the curves without flaring out. This lehenga goes with almost all body types. The styling is pretty simple, with the lehenga falling parallel to the legs, often touching the feet.

The bridal lehenga is a type of garment that shows up in many design works that students at Hamstech Institute exhibit. They craft these lehengas in a range of colours and designs, starting with the typical red with embroidery, zari or machine work. Besides red, the most popular colours for bridal lehengas are pink, teal, green and violet. Fashion and design courses encourage a student to discuss, explore and innovate designs in variety in detail.

Indian bridal fashion is inseparable from its age old culture that still continues to be a part of the modern Indian population. Confidently, one can believe that any modernity that comes to mingle with it shall only merge into it and become a new variety.

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