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Fashion Designing Practicals: Fabric Painting Ideas

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When you are bubbling with ideas to make your garments look beautiful, make a unique statement or simply be more stylish fabric painting comes handy. It makes uninteresting garments come to life. The garment is your canvas and painting, the art with technique.

With help of your vivid imagination and creativity, you can pep things up with art, refreshing the garments. Let’s discuss a few ideas for great fabric painting, giving good technique to the exhilarating activity falling in the domain of fashion designing.


The Basics


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In fabric painting, a few important factors need to be paid due attention to. The selection of the paint is one. Another is the variety of cloth that is to be painted.

All fashion design courses discuss these basic factors as part of discussing dyeing techniques. When it comes to choosing the dye to paint a garment with, you should identify the garment for its 3 types.

For cellulose fibres, that include cotton, linen and hemp, a fibre reactive dye works just right. A pre-wash soaking of the garment using soda ash makes the dye and painting results stable.

For protein fabrics including wool, silk and alpaca, it’s necessary to use an acid dye with protein fibres.

For synthetic fibres viz. rayon, polyester, nylon and acrylic, an all purpose dye will work with an after-dye wash.


The Clothes


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Cotton is the best bet if you are a beginner at fabric painting to get some satisfying results. Any other garment type needs more care and experience that helps handle painting on them.

The painted fabric must be wrinkle free and clean for best results. Keep the fabric damp before painting so that there’s a neat flow of colours on application. But dampness should not be soaking wet, which will absorb all the paint.


The Painting


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Fabric painting is done by hand-painting or stamping. You sketch the design, which is traced or reproduced on the fabric with fabric painting pens, fabric painting tubes or paint dots.

The paint that suits the garment best is chosen. The painting method used could vary from simple strokes to varieties including watercolor, oil painting and charcoal.

The painting itself is a delicate task. In stamping a design cut out from a solid base is dipped in colour and pressed onto the garment. A design cut inside a solid base is placed on the garment and airbrushed or brushed over the board, leaving the design painted on the fabric.

Post painting, the paint should be left to dry. Ironing the painted fabric from behind will place the color permanently on the fabric.

A good amount of practice at fashion designing training sessions helps you master fabric painting. Look for fashion designing institutes where the art of fabric painting is taught in painstaking detail.

Fabric painting ideas we have shared here is just a starter. It’s worth it to formally train in the craft so that you make some impactful designs that set the style going for you.

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