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Fashion Designing Tips: When and How to Wear Crop-tops

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What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a crop top? In all probability you have multiple combinations of dresses to imagine as crop top is that one apparel that can be paired with any kind of outfit; be it western, ethnic or traditional.

With the changing trends, fashion designing comes up with many new styles. Some among them involve the crop top that can be designed to be worn in a variety of occasions.

Crop top is seen sported by women mostly in fusion wear which is a hot trend in today’s fashion scene.

Here are some occasions where crop top can be worn stylishly.


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A Sunny Day


Crop tops on a sunny day is a highly desirable choice to follow. This thought mostly leads you to imagine you spending time at a beach or a resort. That given, let’s see how you can style a crop top on a sunny day.

Usually a sleeveless crop top will be the best pick on a sunny day. Choose crop tops with floral patterns or vibrant colours like orange or blue, pair it with a jean short or flowing midi skirt and add a straw hat to accessorize.

These kinds of ideas are an essential part of fashion designing classes.


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A Causal Day


A casual day can be a day at work or just a family get-together if not any other kind of small occasion. A crop top can be paired with high waist trunk trousers to make a stylish statement. At an office, for a great look you can team it up with killer pumps and structured bag.

Fashion experts from prominent fashion designing schools in India suggest much more of this kind of exclusive tips on styling.


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A Festival Occasion


If you are not a person who wear gaudy clothes during festival season, then a crop top paired with different types of skirts, like floral print skirt, flared skirt etc. will be the best pick. Because skirts feel so comfortable and stylish when worn with crop tops. An embroidered ethnic skirt with a simple crop top, either matching in colour or in contrast will look amazing on an occasion.

The outcome of fashion and design courses these days are so innovative that they are literally transforming the women’s closet. Conventional pairs like kurti-legging, lehenga-blouse, jeans-tunics are getting competition from crop top combinations that are ruling the fusion wear preferences.

An example of this is the crop top, paired with dhoti pants, given pockets on either sides as inspired by the western outfits.


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Besides these occasions, crop tops have much demand during parties or date nights too. For a summer party, a sleeveless or cold shoulder or an off shoulder crop top will do just great.

You can pair a striped crop top with a boxy blazer to cover the exposed midriff. You can also tuck the crop top into the bottom wear or tie a knot at the bottom as alternate wearing styles.

These are few ways you can style up with a crop top. You can make your next event a dazzling one with your crop top attire styled like it suits you best.

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