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Fashion Designing Trends: Quirky Accessories

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What does your style statement say about you? Do your fashion accessories help you to be  original or stay trendy? Has your fashion concept and practice been strikingly different?

Fashion often walks a line between conformity and creativity, making its way to mainstream acceptance or categorised exclusivity. But when people can’t hold back their urge to exhibit their true likes and nature, they go about creating new styles that may become a trend.

If you are interested in fashion designing and are willing to take a stroll through the quirkier side of a personalised experience like fashion, the discussion that ensues will amuse you. Of course it’s not much in the academic scope of fashion designing courses to deal with quirkiness in fashion. But aside from taking fashion too seriously, a lighthearted attempt to comprehend the ideas behind these quirky fashion accessories will prove beneficial in learning the nuances of fashion at fashion design schools.


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Eye Jewellery


Ever since Eric Klarenbeek from Netherlands came up with that contact lens with a teardrop hanging from it, the scope for tasking fashion as a unique vision has gained literal context. The teardrop itself is made of a very lightweight material. But this being another level of creating fashion accessories compared to just eye makeup, it surely makes thought about its future very intriguing.


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Statement Necklaces


A statement necklace is a perfect accessory to fashionable clothing, giving bolder and more vibrant look and feel to the attires. The common styles of wearing statement necklaces include going contrast with the garment, shocking dull shaded dresses with vibrant colours, matching the season and going long.

To make a great combination, certain basic guidelines will prove helpful. Say, for a plain coloured top, a full bloom floral necklace will be a wonderful match. With heavily printed and artsy dresses, a Boho styled bib necklace can look great! Try Helios statement necklaces for casual, light coloured dresses to make a pleasant difference.


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Ombre Hair Colour


Now, this could range from being subtle to being extreme. But colouring hair in multiple shades in an ombre fashion is a trend among the youth today. Ombre hair is proving the point that when it comes to shades, two is better than one.

Want some suggestions on shades for ombre hair? Try combinations viz. Golden brunette, brown and blonde, high contrast (ie. pitch black to white), fluorescent red, neon shades, cotton candy and black to turquoise.


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Shoe Art & Attitude


Well, if making a style statement takes some serious imagination, how can shoes be left off as a viable accessory? Shoe art is a trending practice of painting and customising shoes to make them as personal as you want. You can literally walk your style!

Shoe art is not only restricted to painting it but also includes attaching interesting elements like buttons, flowers and decorative patches. The young love to wear them along with their trendy garments for extra but true attitude.

Though garment design is the core subject taught at fashion designing institutes, knowledge in accessorising garments suitably creates a complete fashion package.

Behind every “quirky” fashion, there’s a real concept that shines with the right ensemble. Find your unique style element, wear it with pride and inspire others to follow their heart like you do.

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