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Fashion Designing Trends: Top Fashion Trends to Look Out for in 2018

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Times change and the changing fashion trends are often traced to the years that host them. Here’s a new year again that has begun with its own trends that every fashion enthusiast is eager to learn about. With spring arriving soon, the stage is set for a seasonal spectacle of style that hints at how fashion choices are going to evolve farther into 2018.

The fashion designing scene this year has much of fusion, expression and ethical wear to showcase. There’s also the affinity towards looking cool, if not cooler, that will be witnessed in the fashion scene as the year progresses. Unconventional and gender-neutral garments are expected to catch up better too!

Share the hot trends with classmates at an institute of fashion designing or bring it up while gossiping; this year in fashion is set to be truly something to talk about. Let’s look at some trends that are bound to be major buzz in 2018.


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Bright Colours


Why not? The new generation believes in being vibrant! Coming spring, there’s a lot of strong colours to be stealing the show, particularly red and violet. Those will be the trending choices even in this summer!


Tees with “Cheez!”


The fashion of text-printed tees reclaims the in-thing status this year too! The prints can in fact be quotes, brand logos or names, art or anything that flashes your mind and attitude.


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Glitter Glitter


Right from fancy shoes to outfits, shimmer is largely the preferred mode of displaying an eccentric mood or design in style. This year, look out for skirts, shoes and dresses that carry the feature.


Sheer is Here


The fashion scene is in favour of sheer clothing this year. Right from the socks to the dress, sheer clothing is making a new wave in style. Try a full slip or a t-shirt underneath and make the best of a sheer dress at a party.


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The Original Jeans


The customer preferences favouring cent percent cotton jeans, just as the original denim, is showing surge this year. Hence, the increase in demand for pure cotton, non-stretchable jeans is apparently materialising. This should be a homecoming for jeans enthusiasts.

If you are well observant of the changes in fashion, you must also be having a sense of where the popular culture by style is moving to. Such observation is very beneficial while attending fashion design classes.

With this blog to start with, explore more about the trends of the times yourself and become worthy of your passion for fashion.

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