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Fashion Designing – Types of Apparel Designing

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Fashion designers are responsible for conceptualising new designs and combining some of the finest accessories in the world. The core skill needed for fashion designing is creativity. A proficient fashion designer spends most of his/her time in identifying trends and predicting styles that would matter in the upcoming season.

Fashion designing industry is huge with various specialisations. Apparel designing is one sector in fashion designing that deals with clothing and costumes. There are three types of apparel designing. There are courses available in fashion designing colleges for apparel designers.

If you are looking forward to learn apparel designing and you are from Hyderabad, there are reputed fashion design colleges in Hyderabad for you, like Hamstech. The target audience for apparel designers is classified into three types – Haute Couture, Pret-a-Porter and Mass Market. Read on to know more about them.


Haute Couture


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Haute Couture is a type in apparel designing that deals with designing costumes that are custom-made and expensive. Such garments cater to high and wealthy class of the society. Haute Couture is a French term; ‘haute’ translates into ‘high’ or ‘elegant’ and ‘couture’ translates literally into ‘sewing’.




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The clothing designs that are created for the mass market fall under this category. Prêt-a-porter, also known as ready-to-wear category, has more standardised designs and measures, made for a specific target audience. It features clothes in different standard sizes, and not meant to fit perfectly. This means that for perfect sizes, you’ll require a tailor.


Mass Market


As the name refers to, the apparels that are manufactured in large quantities and made available in the market fall under this category. Available in standard sizes, these apparels are available with many copies in the same design. The opportunities available for a mass market fashion designer are the most lucrative at the moment considering the large demand for such products.

If you are looking for a fashion designing institute to become skilful in fashion designing by joining a fashion design college in Hyderabad, do visit Hamstech.

With a devoted exploration, you can see yourself grow into a valuable professional in time. So learn more about apparel designing and make your way into a bright career in fashion.


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