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Fashion Styling Activity: A Frame for Styling

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It is encouraging for students to occasionally indulge in a creative activity to get a creative boost and chance to gauge their skills. Recently, the students of Fashion Styling course at Hamstech conducted a photo shoot in collaboration with the Photography Department.

The photo shoot was themed around the outfits and looks of Indian women through the eras. Such an exercise was organised as part of putting forth the fashion styling prowess gained by the students. The combined activity of two departments brought out the essential enthusiasm in the students to do something out of their regular classwork.


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The students draped themselves in clothing and draping styles of different eras in Indian history. In fact, the clothing styles and their evolution has been strong indicators of the manner in which the cultural landscape of the country evolved and coped with changes from time to time. This scenario was nicely presented by the students, who even displayed the combinations of periodic attires with garments bearing trendy cuts and designs, like blouses.


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The photo shoot was part of learning, exploring and expressing the researched knowledge in styling and passing it over to the audience. Fashion styling in India has for long been existing in a crude form, mainly as part of personal styling practices and traditional diktats. But of late, the emergence of an independent attitude and the uprising of fashion and its related disciplines on a wide and professional scale, thanks to institutes like Hamstech Institute, has changed the scene drastically.


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Today, owing to the wide recognition and influence of fashion designing and beauty industries, subjects like fashion styling are gaining momentum and are taken as choices for careers by the new generation. The faculty of the fashion styling course at Hamstech guided the students and encouraged them to do their best in the photo shoot. The photography department also did a good work with creating a set of nicely shot pictures useful for the Fashion Styling course portfolio.

Hamstech has always been keen to give impetus to any creative activity that gets planned and executed as part of its courses on its floors. The spirit of creativity and teamwork thus take centre stage that suits a model institute of fashion designing.


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