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Fashion Styling: How to Accessorise Handbags with Your Outfits

Fashion Styling: How to Accessorise Handbags with Your Outfits

Style icons like Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga and not to forget late Princess Diana- are not only known for the outfits they wear but also for the handbag they carry every time they step out in public. No wonder big fashion designers and stylists spend hours designing and styling their handbag. This shows what significance a handbag holds to make you look “yay!” or “nay!”

Just like people are conscious about their footwear, they should feel the same about their handbags. If you are thinking of how to become a fashion stylist then the answer is to join a Fashion Styling course as quality and sense of fashion are important. Among many fashion jobs, a fashion styling expert should have a deep understanding and know the importance of matching and combinations.

Lately, there has been a lot of debate on whether the handbag should match with the footwear to create that “oh! My God” look. No matter what people say, a deciding moment is when everything which you carry compliments each other.

If you want to become a style quotient, let me give you some must-have knowledge while picking a handbag.

One’s primary concerns should be-

Shape: Bag and Body

Shape plays an important role while selecting the right handbag for yourself. Always try and opt for a bag shape opposite of your body shape.

Just like any other clothing, your handbag also accentuates your attractive features. And choosing the wrong bag will cover-up everything. Hence, make sure you try before buying any type of handbag. Choosing the right type of bag compliments your outfit and silhouette. Apart from the shape, the size of your bust and your physique affects the style of handbags. 

Shape: Bag and Body

Plus-sized ladies should go for more structured handbags that will balance their curvy body. Small bags and tin prints are a big no-no.

Petite figure (1) ladies should avoid bags like a satchel bag with long straps and a lot of fringes.


Choose a Look to Bang On!

One should know which type of look they want to get the right piece of a handbag. Since there are many styles of bags, many people are bound to commit mistakes.

For example, a heavily embellished minaudière can be a perfect match with your glam outfit for a party or a wedding. You can learn more about this through a styling course

Set of beautiful leather handbags on black background

A wristlet is an easy timeless piece to get styled with different kinds of outfits.

A big reliable tote bag is a practical choice to go with every casual outfit.

Want to get a more casual look, you can try cross body bags which will work just fine.


Apart from these bags mentioned above, there is a list of various unique bags:

  1. Shoulder bags– this is the most basic essential bag for any woman. It comes with all the trimmings required in an all-purpose handbag. As the names suggest they have short straps meant to be carried on a shoulder.
  2. Satchel bag– this is another popular classic bag in the world of handbags. They are sort of like a soft-sided briefcase. They have relatively more room compared to any other bag with a flat surface.
  3. Hobo bag– they are typically large fun, playful, slouched bags. The soft material from which it is made makes it slumps while sitting down. In 2020 these bags became fashionably more popular than the others.
  4. Messenger bag– the main quality of these bags is not being gender-specific. This bag can be used by both genders. Though the size of the bags tends to get smaller according to gender. These bags were originally used by the postmen as the name suggests.
  5. Backpack purse– in recent years, these bags can be seen used mostly by Instagram influencers. These bags come in many different and attractive colours and designs which attracts the teenagers most.
  6. Barrel bag– as the name suggests, these bags are cylindrical in shape with the top zipper and short straps. They have an ample amount of room inside them.

Fashion Styling Handbags



Different occasions need a different style of bags. There is a thumb rule- smaller bags make you look more sophisticated. That’s why a clutch should be carried with a formal dress, while big bags with a more casual dress. If you ever mistakenly carry a big handbag with a party formal attire, you are a murderer of fashion!

Let’s get a bag full of knowledge to select your handbag according to the occasion:

While going on shopping, an oversized hobo or duffel bag with a casual shirt, pair of trousers, or shorts with sneakers or gladiators will give a weekend vibe.

With a more structured look, while wearing skin fit jeans with a tucked shirt and a blazer with pumps, you can add a tote, hobo or shoulder bag.


For a more formal meeting look, you can wear a tailored suit with pumps and accessorize it with satchel bags or tote bags. You can also add a laptop bag if you are carrying a laptop.

For a party occasion, wearing LBD with black ankle-strap sandals you can carry a clutch or a leather envelope bag according to your dress.

Join Hamstech’s Fashion Styling course and learn to create one-of-a-kind looks under the guidance of industry experts. Enrol now! 

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