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Fashion Styling: Must-Try Nail Art

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You may come across many people who are obsessed with Nail Art. It is sometimes so intimidating that you may wonder if it is necessary to spend so much time on the nails. You may see many pictures and videos where people get it so easy with the nail art. When it comes to trying them out all by yourself, it is a whole new thing.

So we compiled a few ideas on how you can Nail the Nail Art. Read on.


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Maintaining nails and nail art, is it such a big thing? If this is your question, let us tell you that some Fashion design schools have a subject about nail art, too, as it helps in styling.

Get the stroke right:

Though the art of painting nails is quite familiar among most us, sometimes it goes off the line.

  • Apply the base coat or the ridge filler.
  • Place a dot on the centre part of the nail just below the cuticle.
  • Using the dot, slightly place your initial stroke in the centre of the nail.
  • Make a same kind of stroke on the either sides of the nail.
  • Finish it with a top coat, if necessary go for 2nd or 3rd

Yes! There is a whole process to colour your nails! But, when you’re done, it will be quite worth it. Check out some fashion designing courses that talk so much about this topic.

fashion design classes




Now that you are done with the basics, let’s talk about the colours. Nail colours are always transforming according to the latest trends. You can keep in track with all the trending designs by taking up fashion design classes that talk about this subject in detail.

Be it gloss or matte nail colours or solid colours like black, blue, red, yellow in different shades, today, nail colours are trending and rocking the world with their hues.

Metallic nail colours are quite popular these days. Hence, shades like gold, silver, bronze and copper are ruling the game, while colours like blue, green or a combo of these colours with metallic finish are not far behind.


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Nail art:


certificate programme in fashion design


Now here’s another trick to make your hands look glamorous.

First, don’t forget to check for the tools needed before getting started. The basics are nail colours, base coat, cuticle protector, soft felt pads etc.

  • Apply the cuticle protector around the nail on the cuticle.
  • Colour the nail with the design you choose from the range of designs available.
  • Use a felt pad if you want a mesh like look.
  • Sprinkle dust of any kind like gold, silver or pink for a shimmery look.
  • Add shinny stones as a final touch to make it a 3D art.


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There are number of video tutorials available online showing you different methods on how to do simple and glamorous nail art design.

So what are you waiting for, go Picaso over your nails!

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