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Fashion Styling Tips: 4 Great Choices of Pants to Look Stylish

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Want to know how you can look smarter and more stylish? Choosing the right bottom wear is a part of the process. If you underwent Fashion Styling training, you would know how to choose the best bottom wear that complements a particular top and gives you a great appearance!

Bottoms for women come in a variety that includes garments like skirts and pants. While a professional stylist course trains you in makeup and choosing the right jewellery, it also deals with draping the right garment. The right bottom wear is an essential part of dressing up to look appropriate, impressive and stylish.

fashion styling courses in india

Fashion Styling courses in India not only gives a lot of guidance for choosing Indian top and bottom wear but also for western ones too. Pants are an important garment that can set define a woman’s style and personality.

The questions that arise here are do you know your body type? Are you aware of the occasion? These factors play a major role when you decide on your bottom wear, especially pants. Not everyone gets a first-hand idea about this from a Fashion Styling course. Taking a course is a wise way to go as you will get some really systematic knowledge backed by practical application.

So, let’s give you some good ideas about fashionable pants. Ready for some exploration? Here we go!


When the occasion is casual, the choice is comfort and intention is to look stylish, leggings are the best choice! In fact, you must have observed how women also choose leggings if they love prints and patterns on the garment. It can outline their toned legs too.


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Palazzo has more than style to give! It is perfect for women of all shapes and sizes. A great choice for comfort, it goes well with crop tops and t-shirts and can be accessorised with jackets and scarves. Palazzos are good for both formal and semi-formal wear.


This looks similar to the pants that horse-riders wear. This pant is flared at the hips and thighs, while it has snug-fit from the knees. The style of pants that originated in Jodhpur is perfect for the occasion that is good enough to flaunt.

Trouser Pants

fashion styling training

These are the commonly worn office wears. Suitable for almost all body types, these can come in varieties like pleated trousers, chinos, slim-fit, wide-legged, dungarees, and more.

Have you tried any of these pants yet? There are many ways to style your attire with the right choice of pants, which you can learn from Fashion Styling classes.

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