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Fashion Styling Tips to Wear Lehengas & Get a Celebrity Look

Fashion Styling Tips to Wear Lehengas & Get a Celebrity Look

Fashion styling is one of the most important parts of our lives, now-a-days people want a lavish modern life. To achieve this, they go with the best clothes and brands for their styling.

But buying branded clothes is not enough for styling, it needs something more. You should know everything about Fashion Styling. This will help you style your outfit with perfection. As we all know it is not about what clothes you are wearing, it is how you wear the garments matters. 

We all know India is the land of festivals and when it comes to festivals every woman in India has that one dress that is perfect for these special days. Lehenga is one of the most common dresses every woman has in their wardrobe. But what everyone knows about lehengas is that it can be styled in different ways.

Women are inspired by celebrity looks. They follow their favourites on social media, television interviews and various other channels to see what they are wearing for different occasions. Later, they try to create a similar get-up! 

Here are a few Fashion Styling tips: 

#Tip 1: Change the Blouse

Fashion Styling Tip_ Change the Blouse

One of the most common tricks most people use in revamping their old lehengas is, changing the blouse. This gives a whole new look to the lehenga without even spending a lot of money in buying a new lehenga. There are many different ways of doing this too. You can either use the same colour code for the blouse like the lehenga, or can even use a contrasting colour code for the blouse and lehenga. For example, if you are wearing a red lehenga you can go with a golden colour blouse with mirror work on it. It will look great with a red lehenga. You can pair it with jhumkas and jutti. 

#Tip 2: Wear it with a Shirt

Fashion Styling Tip_ Wear it with a Shirt

Yes, you read it right, wearing lehenga with a shirt. It may sound weird, but trust me this will enhance your look. In fusion trends, you can pair western with traditional to achieve a whole new look. You can combine pastel hues with neutral shades like whites or beige to get a contrasting colour combination. For more extraordinary looks, you can combine silk shirts in shades like gold or copper and match it with your lehenga. You can get a more festive look by adding a brooch or any other accessory to your collar. 

#Tip 3: Use the Dupatta

Fashion Styling Tip_ Use the Dupatta

Dupatta is one of the most important parts of your lehenga, you can style your lehenga better with dupattas. There are many different ways to style your dupatta. There are a lot of draping methods available, if you have invested in a long dupatta that simply means you have bought yourself a whole new set of possibilities in styling. You can experiment with a lot of looks using your dupatta. You can style it with a saree or just glam it up with anarkali. 


#Tip 4: Make it an Anarkali

Fashion Styling Tip_ Make it an Anarkali

This trick can be a little twisty but the results look stunning, you just have to pair your lehenga with your blouse. A flared anarkali is a better way to carry yourself with confidence so revamp your lehenga by learning through Fashion Styling courses.

#Tip 5: Change the Dupatta

Fashion Styling Tip_ Change the Dupatta

Monochromatic look is in trend, want to style your lehenga in a monochrome look? The best way is to style your  lehenga in a pastel colour dress. Wearing two different shades of the same colour with your lehenga enhances your style and gives you a trendy look. You can use two different shades in the dress and pair it with two dupattas (1) of similar shade. 


#Tip 6: Wear it with a Jacket

Fashion Styling Tip_ Wear it with a Jacket

When it comes to fusion, you can team the old jacket with your lehengas too. You can pick a jacket of any size, be it a jacket blouse or even a floor length jacket, it will add life to your jacket and give you a trendy look. 

#Tip 7: Peplum Tops

Fashion Styling Tip_ Peplum Tops

The best way to revamp your lehenga is by styling it with trending tops, one of which is a peplum top. One of the best ways to revamp your lehenga. You can pair it with a peplum top with a contrasting colour lehenga or even the same colour lehenga creating a monochromatic look.

#Tip 8: Lehenga Saree

Lehenga sari looks stylish and classy, you just have to drape your dupatta with your lehenga like a sari. You can use a long dupatta for a more comfortable and exact look like a sari. You just have to mimic the look of your lehenga by pleating the dupatta at the front. Join a styling course to know more from experts. 

#Tip 9: Wear the Blouse

Blouses are the best way to look stunning in a lehenga. if you have put your money in buying a designer blouse for your sari, don’t just stop yourself from pairing it with your can pair a blouse with same colour or even create a contrasting look by pairing two different colour lehenga and blouse and still look stunning. 

#Tip 10: Lehenga with Asymmetrical Kurta

Fashion Styling Tip_ Lehenga with Asymmetrical Kurta

Kurtas, one of the most comfortable and most liked dresses by girls. It feels comfortable and makes them look slim in kurtas. But why stop with just that when you can do so much more. You can pair a kurta with your lehenga. It looks trendy and classy. If it is an asymmetrical kurta it will amplify your attire.


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