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Fashion Styling: Types of Jackets Every Woman Must Have

Fashion Styling: Types of Jackets Every Woman Must Have

Jackets are the most common outfits everyone wears during winters. This very basic garment can help you make a style statement. It can be used to add texture to your outfit and enhance your look. They can even be styled in different ways. 

You must be thinking why do we need to know about styling? But fashion styling is a very important part of our lives. Because when we are walking in the street, into the office or any other public area, it is our style which can talk a lot about us. As we know people don’t directly come and talk to us before making an opinion on us. It is the way we dress up or the way we walk and even the way we talk which makes them have goods or bad opinions about us. 

This is the reason why fashion styling is an important part of our everyday lives. There are a lot of fashion styling courses available to learn the art of creating new looks. Before you enrol in any styling course, let’s first read about the types of jackets every woman must have in their wardrobe.

Fashion Styling: Bomber Jacket

Fashion Styling_ Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets have been in trend for a long time now. Ever since the second world war, this has been a go-to jacket for many women. It is considered to be the symbol of self-confidence and badass. Girls have bomber jackets for their everyday use as it is comfortable and keeps them warm. It even goes well with almost any dress.

Fashion Styling: Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are commonly known as the rider’s jacket by most people. This just like the bomber jacket has a rich history (2). It was worn by the German pilots during the first world war and ever since, this has been preferred by both men and women. Leather jackets gained their fame during 1928. Harley-Davidson was the main reason behind the craze for these as the rose prints behind the jacket became a statement for bike lovers. This also goes well with almost every outfit. Casual or party wear, leather jacket can be styled on any occasion.

Fashion Styling: Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are the most common jacket preferred by almost everyone these days. Both boys and girls have these jackets in their closet. These jackets give them a badass look. Denim clothes are available as shirts, pants, shorts or jackets. 

Denim jackets have their own history (1) since the 50s. In the beginning, the US military used to wear these. But later in time, the rebels and hippies started to wear them.


Fashion Styling: Hoodie

Fashion Styling_ Hoodie

Hoodies are very common in the winter season. It keeps you warm and also enhances your look. But this is not the only reason when it comes to girls wearing hoodies. They wear hoodies because these look cute and are comfortable to wear too. 

Fashion Styling: Puffer Jacket

Fashion Styling_ Puffer Jacket

Puffer jackets have become the new best friend for girls. This helps them look lean. These jackets are light in weight and come in many different sizes. Some are knee-length and some are shorter. They come in various colours and textures.

Fashion Styling: Linen Jacket

Fashion Styling_ Linen Jacket

Not all jackets are worn in winters, some are even worn all round the year. Like linen jackets, these are light in weight and look great in different colours. They are even worn in summers. 


Fashion Styling: Drawstring Jacket

Fashion Styling_ Drawstring Jacket

These jackets look simple and are worn for casual occasions with a plain t-shirt and denim jeans with a pair of vans to complete the look. These are mainly preferred by girls during winters to keep them warm and still go to a casual meeting in style.

To learn more about fashion styling you need to join a Fashion Styling course. Thinking where to join? Hamstech college is the one-stop destination in that case. It is a perfect launchpad for your career! So why wait? Enrol now! 

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