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Fashion Styling: What Is Going To Trend In 2019

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In the world of fashion & style, 2019 is certainly going to be captivating.  One of the reasons for this is the scintillating fashion trends that are eye-popping. Every the most casual outfits like the biker shorts, neon jumpsuits, patterned suits or the simple cold shoulder tops can be included in the list of the fascinating trends. Precisely, in 2019 the fashion trends will be on fire.

While favourite brands will always remain a favourite, what you will see a shift is in the style. With numerous stores, or you can say brands that are swarming in the fashion markets for the good, the style competitor is going to be tough. To keep you updated of what’s going to most dominate the fashion market in 2019 and plan your own fashion schedule for the year, here’s this piece of content right from the diaries of experts in fashion styling courses, Hyderabad.


fashion styling classes in Hyderabad

  • Built-in-layering:


Layering is always trendy. Be it with the retro theme or with the casual ones that go best with the denim; layering can always make your outfit look lit. But most of the time layering clothes in the best possible way is a mess. Built-in layering is a saviour in this sort of situation because it this fashion technique it look like that an individual is wearing several layers even though he or she is not.


  • Statement sneakers:


The only thing that you can pair up with almost anything such as from A-line dresses to joggers, and the demand for statement sneakers is going to rise exponentially in the upcoming year. Though it ruled 2018 clearly, it doesn’t seem this trend is going to fade away in 2019.


  • Patterned suits:


If there’s anything that has been riding a serious popularity wave for the past couple of years, then there are these patterned suits. They are funky and full of colours, with several interesting patterns that draw definitely draw the attention of the crowd.


  • Crochet:


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There was a time when Crochet was just considered as a fashion statement for the gowns or something more classic. But now, with crochet being back in fashion, you style them with anything you want. Likewise, from dresses to T-shirts, long shirts to long dresses, a crochet look is always classic, and as it is said,  classics never go old!

  • Mixed prints:


Now it’s time to mix and match. You can illustrate multiple print works together in any piece of clothing that you want. It can be a dungaree or a jumpsuit, but all you will need is a taste for fashion, and the mixed prints will work as a marvel for you.


  • Checks and graphic stripes:


This may sound like a thing of past for you, but in today’s contemporary world of fashion, checks and stripes have been reworked and added to everything starting from coats to shirt dresses, that look no less than a runaway style.


  • Sequins:


A fashion person always wants to attract a lot of crowd and why it shouldn’t be? Fashion always has been about dragging attention and sequins surely serve the purpose.

So, 2019 has a lot in store for fashion. Make some place in your wardrobe and make sure that you get the latest fashion statement for the New Year!

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