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Fashion Tips to Style Your Sharara Suits

Fashion Tips to Style Your Sharara Suits

India is the land of festivals and each is celebrated with a lot of excitement and joy. Everyone comes together to celebrate the festivities. As we all know, fashion has become the most important part of everyone’s life and it naturally plays an essential role in festivals. Sarees, ghagra-choli, shararas and many other garments are widely worn.  

One of the best dresses you can wear for any festival is sharara suits. These are ready-to-go dresses for every occasion. Sharara suits are a highly popular ethnic outfit that is preferred by a lot of women. But there are a few common mistakes that people make while styling this dress. We have listed five tips to style your sharara suits in the right way.  

Learning fashion might be a little tricky, but joining in a designing course helps you understand better. Let’s not wait further and dive directly into tips that will help you style your sharara suit.

Carry Your Dupatta Right

Fashion Styling_ Carry Your Dupatta Right

When it comes to draping your dupatta there are countless styles available. But out of all the other ways to drape your dupatta we have come up with the most amazing one of carrying your dupatta for a sharara suit. For this look, you can pin one end of your dupatta on the shoulder and let the other end fall freely. This will show your outfit in full grandeur. Draping your dupatta right can enhance your look but on the other hand, if the dupatta is not draped or cared for properly, it can ruin the entire look. 


Wearing a Pasa

Fashion Styling_ Wearing a Pasa

Sharara suit is inspired by the royal family dresses from Mughal Empire (1), where the women wore this dress for a big gathering in the city hall. In the same way, pasa is one of the most common ornaments preferred by the royal family. So, in the present times, it is worn with sharara suits to complete the look. 

Wearing sharara suit with pasa gives a royal look and looks traditional at the same time. You can go for stone or pearl work pasas for a more traditional and royal look. There are different types of pasas available in the market, one of which is the Kundan pasa which look amazing with sharara suits. So, make sure you wear it to complete your look. 

Shining Earring 

Fashion Styling_ Shining Earring

Want to have a royal look with your sharara suit? Then you need to have a pair of shining earrings. We know sharara suit is a synonym to royalty, this is the reason you need to style it right. With the right accessories, you can enhance your look. You can go with big shining earrings to style with your outfit. Gold or silver earrings go perfectly with this garment. You can choose the earning depending on the embellishments on the fabric. But never overdress by opting for bulky earrings. Keep it simple and always follow the less is more formula here. 


Catchy Neckpieces

Fashion Styling_ Catchy Neckpieces

As mentioned earlier, this outfit speaks royalty. Keeping the look in mind, you can wear a choker necklace to complete your look. This statement necklace is a great way to style sharara suits as it complements the dress. There are different types of choker necklaces available in the market. You should choose one very carefully. Opt for a pearl necklace, it will enhance the look of your sharara suit. 

Now-a-days, everyone likes to experiment with their outfits. You can do that too by styling your sharara suit in different ways. You can join Fashion Styling courses and learn to create new looks from industry experts. There are a lot of online courses in India to learn fashion styling.


Styling designer clothes can be tricky but a very important part of your look, you need to know the right way to style your designer outfits. If you don’t style your dress properly, your efforts in getting ready go in vain. No matter how hard you try to look good by putting on makeup and using good accessories, none of these will work till you style your outfit right. You need to have the right knowledge of the fabric you use and the accessories which will go well with it. Choose the right tone of the dress that will compliment your skin tone. You also need to know every small detail about your outfit. For this, you need to know everything about designing clothes and styling them with the right accessories. 

To learn more about designing clothes, join Hamstech and get certified as a fashion designer. You can learn from the leading mentors and get real-time experience from experts of the industry. Hamstech provides you with the right knowledge and the best learning experience. Enrol now!

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