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Feng Shui: Best Practices in Interior Designing

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Can you think of any recent place that triggered a happy and positive feeling? Have you wondered what could have brought about this happy feeling? The answer lies in the place itself. It’s all about creating positive vibes through energy and this is what is known as “Feng Shui”.

Feng Shui as most of us know is an ancient Chinese practice of creating a harmonious balance using energy that surrounds us. According to Feng Shui, there are objects with different energy levels. Courses for interior designing focuses on use of objects that are high in energy also known as (Sha Chi) while eliminating use of objects low in energy also known (Si Chi).

These days every person wants a home that enhances positive energy. But, without studying and understanding this Chinese philosophical system, it is difficult to apply it. As Feng Shui is a trending subject, along with an interior designing course, many students opt to study Feng Shui as an advanced study. This study eventually adds value to their interior designing career.

Here are few tips that can help you create an environment to increase “Chi” or positive energy.

A Clutter-free Entrance

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The entrance of a home is always considered as a gateway to Chi. Keep away all objects from the main entrance that may block positive energy from flowing in. Make sure the entrance is free and welcomes good energy.

It is for this reason that in interior design classes, students are taught how to plan and design spaces. They are also taught techniques on how and where to place furniture and other objects to create a spacious surrounding.

Mending Breakages

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As a resident, make sure everything in the house is free from breakage. Try and fix any kind of cracks, creaky doors, dents, etc. because if left unattended, it may lead to unhealthy living. At all times make sure your home is well maintained as it encourages positive vibes.

Interior Landscape

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Interior landscape is one of the most preferred subjects in interior designing. In interior landscaping, you learn how to efficiently use space with limited resources. In Feng Shui other than wind, water is considered to be high in energy. Water is therefore used as a prominent feature as a source of energy. However, in Feng Shui, water in its still or stagnant form is not considered good as there is no continual flow of energy.

In interior landscape, fountains are prominently used as the continuous flow and sound of water fills the air with harmony. Similarly, indoor plants  are also a great way of increasing the energy flow. The most common example is the money plant and the bamboo shoot. These plants can be placed at home or in any enclosed space as they do not require much maintenance.

Natural Light

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Avoid keeping any room in darkness. Natural light and air or “Chi” are essential as they bring in positivity. Make sure to draw the curtains to one side to allow the free flow of light and air at all times. A well-ventilated room is the source of positive energy.

In an interior decoration course, topics such as “creativity and problem solving” teaches students every aspect of interior planning. They not only learn how to design spaces but also study the techniques of solving problems related to interiors.

Interior designing is a creative as well as a challenging career. Don’t hesitate to follow your heart and let the universe guide you in bringing the positive energy through Feng Shui.

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