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Find Out What It Takes To Become A Fashion Stylist

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Fashion styling is one of the most happening professions in the fashion industry. The main job of a professional fashion stylist includes coordination of the outfits from an array of clothing and accessories.

A fashion stylist coordinates with other professionals like art directors, photographers, and clients. Their work may also include dressing the mannequins for a retail store or assisting the customers in a store to select the clothing and accessories.

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Doing fashion designing course will give you an impeccable sense of style which is a major prerequisite for becoming a professional fashion stylist. Through this blog, let us find out what are the steps you need to go through to become a fashion stylist.

Earn an Associate’s Degree

Many employers hire fashion stylists with a minimum qualification of an associate’s degree. There are many colleges that offer a bachelors degree in fashion designing or certification in fashion styling and fashion merchandising. The curriculum includes visual merchandising, history of fashion, history of textiles and much more.

Gain Experience and Network

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Top fashion designing companies often require at least four to five years of experience. However, some companies require more than 8 years of work experience in the industry. Having said that, the entry-level fashion retail jobs can help you gain a perspective on how various elements come together in creating unique looks.

Skills are also very important in the fashion industry. Styling jobs demand skills in multiple departments. Hence, gaining necessary experience in various verticals such as men’s fashion, children’s fashion can prepare you well when you are at your initial days. These entry-level jobs help you build contacts in the fashion industry.



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Create a good portfolio that showcases your work. Most of the employers require the job applicants to submit the portfolios that display their experience in their previous fashion styling work. For starters, even if degree programmes do not require you to create a portfolio, it is still a good idea to have one!

The journey for a successful fashion styling career starts with choosing the right fashion college. Enrolling in Hamstech’s certification course in fashion styling will be the right move. Hamstech’s 26 years of teaching experience can create the right base for building their career.

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