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Find your Perspective with a Photography Course

Quite often you would have noticed photographers bending over or trying to position themselves in a certain angle to click a photo. All these acts may seem a little funny but there’s a purpose to them.

It all comes down to one simple word that plays a vital role in photography: “Perspective”!

Every clicked photograph is about getting the right perspective. The term “perspective” may sound like gibberish to you unless you have pursued a photography course. But, for those of you who don’t know what it means, this is where you can start off.

Perspective relates to the way your eyes view an object. It involves striking a balance or rather coordinating between the size of the object and the space around it.

A classic example is when you stoop low and close to the ground level to view a tiny object, it may seem really big. Wondered why?

This is because the angle from where you’re seeing the tiny object makes it appear larger than its actual size. Also, the space around it creates a similar illusion.

Perspective in photography differs from how you would otherwise see an object. In most photography classes, photography perspective is a topic in itself that is taught in comprehensive detail. If you want to create impactful images, all you need to do is understand the subject and the perspective it requires.


Chuck the Tripod


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The first rule of thumb is to chuck the tripod. Yes, you got that right! Do whatever it takes to get the right perspective. All you have to do is keep moving around. You’ll be amazed with the end results. Motion encourages versatility in choosing various camera angles and this influences the perspective to a great extent.

The Ground Level


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Get down on your knees or lower yourself to the ground level. If you want your subject to look really tall, this is a smart move. Say, your focal is a small leaf. In this case, you’ll have to click it from the ground level.

The ground perspective will make your subject look enormously  powerful. You’ll also be able to capture minute details of the subject. This lends a tad detail to your final photograph, something that’s emphasised in every photography school.

The Aerial Perspective


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Any picture clicked above the normal eye view gives a different perspective. To get this right, you can climb trees, tables and ladders, just about anything. Not only is it creative but also loads of fun!

So, when you click from an aeriel perspective, even a huge object may seem small or distant. Say, your subject is a large fountain, if you climb a tall building and capture it, the fountain will seem really small. Once again, it’s all about the perspective.

Similarly, you can go lateral, horizontal or even upside down to get the perfect perspective for your subject.

If you wish to learn more about different perspectives in photography, you can always seek admission in any photography training institute. This concept can open your eyes to a host of new possibilities and creative ideas.

A complete understanding of Perspective Study can actually change your ‘perspective’ towards the subject!

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