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Finest of Fashion Designing: Neeta Lulla

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Success looks like achievement when the achiever works like a mentor. The space for such an achiever was filled in at Hamstech a decade ago by Neeta Lulla, who has made her 4 National Awards the testimony to her matchless talent, stupendous work and professional excellence on and off Bollywood in the field of fashion design.


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If youngsters, enthusiastic about fashion, were to draw parallels with young Neeta’s life, her starting to draw inspiration from magazines on Bollywood and fashion would seem very relatable. Her early foray into the world of fashion, before she even started to get educated in fashion designing, was based on her active interest in sports and sporting fashionable wear like jeans and t-shirts.

Her growing interest in fashion was nourished by her father who brought her magazines like Seventeen and Cosmopolitan, that sparked a great deal of zeal for fashion in her. Going ahead, after her marriage, she did diploma in pattern making and garment manufacture at Mumbai’s SNDT University.

The mentor for fashion design students at Hamstech Institute today, Neeta Lulla found her mentor in her esteemed teacher Mr. Hemant Trivedi, who groomed her in the art of make-up, fashion choreography and styling shows. When popular fashion choreographer Jeanne Naoroji decided to take in Neeta as her assistant to work on various fashion shows, her career had started to build along with her education.


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As inspiring she can be, Neeta took her first opportunity to foray into an entirely new sphere of movies to work as fashion designer, starting with Tamacha which was produced by her brother-in-law. That was followed by a series of over 300 projects that cemented her career, built with talent and determination in the often male-dominated, nepotic world of Bollywood.

The humble beginnings of Neeta Lulla was from her home, with a sewing machine and one assistant. In a span of 3 decades, she has established her own brand named “House of Neeta Lulla”, comprising 4 verticals namely Nisshk, Neeta Lulla, Little Nisshk and N Bride.

Besides earning laurels in Bollywood and Hollywood, as an independent fashion designer, Neeta always took to finding inspiration in her roots and sharing her experience and craft with the new generation of fashion enthusiasts, aspiring to be professionals in the fashion industry.

Hamstech, a dedicated institute for creative education, with decades of experience in training students through its fashion designing courses, found the perfect guide in Neeta Lulla. She was invited to mentor Hamstech’s students and team by providing expert assistance to the designers during their annual fashion show, the Hlabel Show & Sale.


Fashion Design Diploma


The association between Hamstech and Neeta Lulla has ever since proved to be fruitful in fuelling the career aspirations of students, in the fashion industry. She, as the Chief Advisor of Fashion Designing department, initiates regular lectures, practical training sessions and insightful interviews with the students. These tremendously benefit Hamstech’s Fashion Design Diploma students with the required insight about the fashion industry.


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Her role in leveraging the process of stimulating fresh talent into the domain of fashion design helps Hamstech to lead them in the right direction. Through its advanced curriculum, expert training methodology and student oriented programmes, the institute brings Neeta’s stupendous contributions to fruition. Her guidance is instrumental in the planning and execution of the Hlabel Fashion Show & Sale each year, wherein, the students showcase their collections.


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As fortunate Hamstech finds itself associated with Neeta Lulla, this top fashion designing institute in Hyderabad also takes immense pride and enthusiasm in her success and new projects. In her latest project, she’s designing clothes for the Grammy Award winning American DJ  & Production duo, the Chainsmokers, for their gig in India slated to happen on 7th and 8th September, 2017.

Neeta explains her design for the artists’ clothes in the upcoming shows to be very edgy but casual. The attire will have a kurta in lycra and a bomber jacket to be worn over it, giving the perfect fusion look. There will be an abstract art of Lord Ganesha on the jacket which will have a lot of electro pop colours to match the performance style of the band.

Hamstech greatly values its alliance with Neeta Lulla as, together, they fortify the future of fashion by revolutionising the career prospects of a creative and talented generation. It is highly anticipated and envisioned that the dedicated efforts of both entities will collectively contribute immensely to the fashion scene of the future.

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