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Four Amazing Tips for Night Photography

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Pictures clicked during the night have a different vibe. The place that looks bustling during the day looks totally different in the dark. You can capture brightly-lit buildings, towers and roads or go remote and click the beautiful night sky, a rural setting.

To be able to capture some mesmerising frames, it’s important you know a few simple skills. You can join Photography classes to learn the art of clicking some beautiful images with exclusive frames from experts.

Here are four amazing tips for night photography:


Remember to Use Manual Focus

Modern cameras are good at autofocusing but when it is dark, it will struggle to focus correctly. To ensure that your image is in focus, switch to manual focus and turn it to infinity. Experts at Photography colleges advice that after you manually focus on your subject, you should not switch to autofocus. If you do, the camera will automatically autofocus again ruining your focus.


Set Your Aperture Low

How low your aperture goes will totally depend on your lens.  Some lenses go lower than others. It may go down to f/5.6 or f/3.5 or even f/2.8.  If you are unsure of how to change your aperture, join Photography courses to get expert help.


Go for Aperture Priority Mode to Shoot Landscapes

This is one of the quickest ways to take pictures at night. Just set your camera to aperture priority mode and choose a wide aperture. As long as you don’t have moving subjects, this mode is the safest way to take pictures in the dark.


Use Different Shutter Speeds

When you want to capture moving subjects, use shutter priority. When you select the shutter speed, your camera will automatically select the aperture. This will help you produce impressive light streaks and breath-taking landscapes at night. Remember that test shots are necessary to achieve the effect that you want to create. To shoot colourful trails, you can set your camera to low shutter speeds. Just keep in mind that the slower the shutter speed, the longer the light trails.

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