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Four Baking Tips to Make Perfect Cupcakes at Home

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Cupcakes are delicious and everyone’s favourite. Be it a kid or an adult, no one can resist this small version of cake. Topped with different types of icings, these come in a variety of flavours. Red velvet, chocolate or vanilla, pick one scrumptious cupcake and you will love these melting in your mouth.

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Here are four baking tips to make perfect cupcakes at home:


Use Ingredients at Room Temperature

It is important that all your ingredients have the same temperature. When you use milk or eggs from the refrigerator, these don’t blend well with the dry ingredients which were at room temperature. This will result in clumping of ingredients and a bad finished cupcake. So, to avoid this, experts at Baking colleges advice to use all the ingredients that are at the same temperature.


Fill the Cupcake Mould Carefully

Most people tend to overlook this simple step. Depending on what you are baking, it is essential that you fill the mould right. Half-fill the cupcake mould/liner to let it rise beautifully. You can enrol in cake making classes to know more from experts.


Cream the Ingredients Well

When a recipe calls for creaming the butter with sugar, it means not only mixing them together, but incorporating air too. This results in a light and fluffy batter. So, it is important to cream for as long as the recipe specifies for a feather-light cupcake that melts in your mouth. Scrape down the sides of the bowl several times. Experts during Baking classes say that the electric hand mixers take a little longer than stand mixers to get the same results.


Don’t Over Mix the Batter

Lightly mix the ingredients together. Don’t overmix it and use a moderate hand while doing this to prevent undermixing. Scrape down the bowl as you go, which will keep ingredients incorporating evenly. Overworking the flour when folding, stirring or finishing a batter will result in a tough cupcake. So, use a light touch once you add the flour for a light-textured cupcake.


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