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Fundamentals Taught in Photography Courses

photography courses

Learning photography is a study of art and technique. There are different directions in which the study would progress.

The curriculum of a photography training institute gives the student comprehensive insight and practice into achieving good photos. The fundamentals in more than a technical sense has to be imparted, because of a prominent element of art involved.

Photography classes focus on establishing the fundamentals in the student’s mind by giving them inputs in different directions. This involves history, the techniques, aesthetics and the right attitude and approach to practice.


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Learning history may sound lethargic while dealing with an interesting subject like photography. That is unless the photography school makes pictures and information from history relatable to modern times. That will make a student’s core of comprehension appreciative of the evolution of photography technically and contextually.

Creative methods and thought processes of erstwhile photographers or even contemporary ones, are connected with the students’ works. It makes it more interesting for students.

A best way to allow students at a photography training institute garner interest is to let them study photographs. The pictures need to be discussed for their composition, craft and the message conveyed along with analysis of the photographer’s choices in creating the image. This is an exercise that boosts the visual sensitivity of the students, which will influence their creations.

Appreciation for the students’ works would be made by comparing their features with other artist’s works. The key is to make reference to history enjoyable and inspiring for the learner.


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There’s a lot to learn in the techniques of photography. The techniques that get applied are going to get combined with the creativity and vision of the photographer. The techniques of photography can be related to the elements viz. lighting, film type, image rendering and size.

The camera shall be introduced as a tool with one basic purpose – to take a picture. The students may first be introduced to the 35mm camera and progressively taken to work with pinhole cameras, automatic cameras and digital cameras.

The aim is to accustom the students on how key factors like point of view, lighting, framing and composition are controlled for a shoot. Experiencing the handling of the controls on a totally manual camera first gives the student in-depth comprehension of these features. It’s important to learn how a basic camera manages to get each of these functions right. Then it shall be discussed with different types of cameras.

Lessons in techniques also teaches the student about selecting film, exposure and other image options. Nevertheless, the techniques will have a connect with the purpose and theme of the shoot and the editing tools will help accentuate the result intended.


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Learning aesthetics in photography classes is rather about exploring the ways in which an image can be made more artful and creative. Balance and beauty are major features of good photography. A good amount of discussion and exposure can help students develop their own impressions on aesthetics.

The student’s click shall be put to a constructive criticism to analyse how best the picture has utilised the photographic techniques for a certain result. Ways to better an image, changing approach and selection of photographic elements shall be points of guidance that will build on a student’s knowledge, style and method.

Having an experienced artist visit and share their views and advice to the students work a lot positively on their interest and skills. Having a mentorship is the best option as we do at Hamstech, one of the top photography institutes in Hyderabad.


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Photography is undoubtedly a practice-oriented subject. Once having students get the fundamentals, the trainer should encourage them to shoot their favorite pictures, as and how the like. They can then bring them back for inspection, reflection and correction. A healthy interaction, discussion and feedback would bring out the student’s progress in comprehension and practical prowess.

The fundamentals, as in any other discipline, is a student’s base in the art of photography on which will they will create a signature style of work, and unique approach. It goes all the way in a career the student will come to build.

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