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Gemology: The Most popular Subject in Jewellery Designing

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Gemology is a very interesting subject and forms an integral part of jewellery designing. It is an in-depth study of the origin and evolution of gemstones. The beauty, glitter and rarity of gems has made this subject worth the study of mankind.

Studying gemstones can interest many people but, gemology being a vast subject has to be learnt with precision and interest. Not every gemologist knows the science and art of a gem. And as they say, ‘half knowledge is dangerous’, therefore half knowledge in this subject too can greatly impact a customer. Most gemologist today use the little knowledge they gain to influence customers.

If you would like to overcome this fright of getting mislead, a specialisation course in gemology from any reputed jewellery designing institute in India can help. This course will strengthen both your theoretical and technical knowledge.

Having said that, let us know a little more about this popular subject.


Significance of Gemology in Jewellery Designing


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Gemology is the science and study of minerals and organic substances that constitute a gemstone. A gemologist is a person who is a certified professional in gemstones.

In jewellery designing, identifying gems is considered more like an elimination process. A gemstone has to undergo many screening tests. Say for example, the gravity of diamond is 3.52 (may vary) and glass is between 3.15 to 4.20. Therefore, it becomes fairly easy to distinguish between the gravity of diamond and glass.

When it comes to natural stones, no two gemstones can be the same. Every gemstone is unique by its cut, style, purity or density. Once you successfully identify a gem, you can use it to create an exquisite piece of jewellery.

Talking about jewellery designing institute, Hamstech has been one such institute which has introduced gemology as an independent subject. Gemology being an indispensable study, has helped students understand the subject fairly well.


Knowledge Application


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As a gemologist, you need to apply the right knowledge in whatever project you’re handling. On a daily basis, you would come across many customers. Some may come with relevant issues while others may be vague. Evaluating the authenticity of a gem is the prime job of a gemologist. That’s where your jewellery designing education plays a crucial role. Identifying problems and coming up with solutions with regard to gemstone will add to your advantage.


Required Qualification


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Pursuing just a certificate course in jewellery designing can be a smart career move. Students learn everything right from raw materials used to the latest jewellery patterns. They also get a chance to interact with craftsmen from well-known brands, be a part of guest lectures and site visits and participate in jewellery design shows.


Being a Renowned Appraiser

A gemologist always has scope to be a good appraiser. The qualities of a good appraiser are, knowing the gemstone market and understanding the value and quality of gemstone. Therefore, besides a certification, a gemologist also needs to use his judgment in evaluating a gemstone. Training and experience in this field are two eminent tools in making a wise decision.


Scope as a Gemologist


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As a gemologist, you get to implement your knowledge with various jewellery brands. After getting certified, you would get good industrial exposure and many job opportunities. Career opportunities such as being a fashion jewellery designer, accessory designer, jewellery consultant, etc. will widen your scope.

Hence, the above mentioned points gives a clear picture why gemology is important in jewellery designing. With the growing market, gemology too has gained immense popularity.

With a specialisation in gemology, you can rein the jewellery design industry.


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