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Guest Lectures and Site Visits at Hamstech

As once said by anti-apartheid revolutionist Mr. Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” This quote stands as a true testimony that clearly defines the strength of education and the role it plays in a student’s life.

Many educational institutes have adopted unconventional methods of education to the benefit of the students. There has been a rapid development in the teaching-learning methodologies and curriculum. Of late, a unique learning strategy is driving a change in students’ learning perspective.

Guest lectures and site visits are a couple of activities that are not yet common practices in educational institutes. Amongst many institutes, Hamstech Institute of creative education has been one that has steered away from the stereotypes in teaching.

Hamstech certainly takes a lead in creative education. The institute has always encouraged its students in all its four disciplines of Photography, Fashion, Interior and Jewellery Design to excel at practice. Regular guest lectures keep its students abreast with the current trends and technology.

Here, we will look at the guest lectures and site visits for the courses conducted by Hamstech:


Bernie Xu


Fashion Design

Bernie Xu (Guest Lecturer)

Mr. Bernie Xu, a top fashion designer from Singapore has visited Hamstech as a guest lecturer. An exclusive workshop on draping by him was specifically organized by Hamstech for its fashion designing students. Being a designer, he shared his knowledge and experience with the students. It was a great learning experience for the students who were seeking such guidance and looking forward to the meeting.

Neeta Lulla (Guest Lecturer)

Mrs. Neeta Lulla has been associated with Hamstech for more than a decade. Being a renowned fashion designer, she has been there for Hamstech students as a guide and mentor. She has always supported the students during the annual fashion shows. Her lectures have been very educational and informative about the latest fashion trends. Those have helped students go on to flourish in the fashion industry.

Apart from guest lectures, Hamstech also believes in imparting practical knowledge through site visits. A recent visit has been to the Pochampally handloom and the textile industrial units. The visit helped students get a clear understanding of the handloom and textile industry.


Sona Chatwani


Interior Design

Sona Chatwani (Guest Lecturer)

For the interior designing course, well-known designer Mrs. Sona Chatwani has been invited as a guest lecturer at Hamstech. She shared her best experiences with students and gave them an insight into the interior designing industry.

Yashwanth Ramamurthy (Guest Lecturer)

Coming with years of experience in architecture, Mr. Yashwanth Ramamurthy visited Hamstech as a guest lecturer. He shared his wonderful experiences and spoke on the current topics related to interiors.

Other than the regular interior design classes, students have had very fruitful site visits to big brands like the Home Town and Furniture World. Such learning activities encourage students and open a window to ideas and learning.


Suhani Pittie


Jewellery Designing

Suhani Pittie (Guest Lecturer)

Suhani Pittie is a well-known face in jewellery designing. A designer par excellence at her work, she has visited Hamstech as a guest lecturer. Her teaching techniques and presentations have been highly appreciated by the students. This has imbibed great interest and liking for the subject in every student.

Hamstech has also organized many site visits for students to gain practical exposure. Visits to best jewellery stores of the city and crafting stations for handmade jewellery, and interactions with jewellery makers have been some of the best takeaways of the course.


Avinash Gowariker



Avinash Gowariker (Guest Lecturer)

Renowned celebrity photographer, Mr. Avinash Gowariker, has visited Hamstech as a mentor and guest lecturer. Being a potential speaker, Mr. Gowariker’s interaction with the students has opened a gamut of knowledge for them.

Photography students’ site visits focus on practical exposure. Students have learned to capture better pictures with every visit. Visits to Humpy and Arku Valley introduced students to outdoor and nature photography. They were also encouraged to dabble in nature trips to the zoo and natural sanctuary.

Gaining knowledge and learning with practice never ceases at Hamstech with great learning tools like guest lectures and site visits. These activities have a huge impact on students who look forward to a great learning experience.

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