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Hamstech: A Student’s World

Hamstech Institute

Taking dreams to school to give them shape as a career is the purpose of a professional institute. When it comes to planning a career, the pressure mounts and future seems to be a destination to which a few long winding roads go. But there’s more to it if one is eager to know and follow.

Career choices for a teen seem like being in a candy store where the jars are kept high; out of reach but high in demand. But few care more to look within instead and think painting the town with rainbow colours is a great thing to do!

There are quite a few unique and outstanding people who take their work as anything but a job. Surely, a lot of youngsters are willing to turn their efforts into an enterprise too, wanting to reap benefits they are willing to share with others.


fashion designing


A generation that was looking for an opportunity to do something real with their creative talent and skills, found a pioneer and mentor in Hamstech Institute 25 years back. Being a student at Hamstech is to take a giant leap in career aspirations. Having the opportunity to become a professional in any of the four different creative domains is incomparably amazing. These include fashion designing, interior designing, photography and jewellery designing.

The first great thing about joining Hamstech is finding many more brilliantly gifted people. A remarkable quality of the institute is that from the management to faculties to students, there’s an emphatic presence of women, for whom Hamstech is a place to get educated, empowered and successful just as much as men.

The institute’s merits as a model educational enterprise gets evident from the way it has designed the curriculum, assigned professionals as faculties and tied up with mentors who are celebrities from the industry. A good student appreciates the huge scope for skill development and industry exposure with these academic features attached to Hamstech courses.


interior designing


Just as Hyderabad is a hub for information technology education, Hamstech, with its 6 centres in Hyderabad has given the city the opportunity to boast of high-quality creative education. Hamstech being one of the top fashion designing institutes in Hyderabad has quite a reputation that tags to the brand. The reputation has followed the institute for its well-recognised training for interior designing, photography and jewellery designing.

In the Hamstech classroom, teamwork yields results. It involves faculties and students. Any student would vouch for the great level of involvement every student gets in the classroom. Everyone gets a task; a part in developing concepts and designs. Everybody works towards participating in the glorious annual show and sale event for their respective departments.


photography courses


The Hlabel Show is an annual event of the fashion design department. The InteriYour Show showcases and tests the creativity and skill of interior design students. The Pixel Perfect show is the exhibition of the rich photographic talent of students in photography courses in Hamstech. The mentors get involved, guiding along with the faculty, the students to prep their works best. Students work to match professional standard levels. So much dynamism and ambition with lots of camaraderie and teamwork are great features the students will imbibe from to shine in the future.


jewellery designing


In a first of its kind, Hlabel, as a fashion wear brand make students of fashion designing proud with selected collections chosen for display on the ramp and stalls during the Hlabel Show & Sale and on the e-commerce portal open for the brand.

Every show and celebrity mentorship in every course stream assure that students have a promising opportunity to utilise and get ahead with a well-planned career. There’s always a new buzz waiting to be shared and a rich collection of knowledge to be explored on Hamstech’s own website.

Hamstech is making constant efforts to excel at creative education with full participation of students. A Hamstech student is confident and focused on growing his craft into a career or an enterprise and the institute makes sure students master all the skills and acquires all the knowledge to succeed. Indeed, a student’s world at Hamstech is a place for the graceful transition into a thorough professional in a creative field with great potential to change the world.

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