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Hamstech Explains Why June is Crucial to Your Career

fashion designing

When it is time to advance from your latest academic achievements, you can either take a beaten path of “prestigious” courses or can listen to your true calling. Best career decisions come from proper introspection and planning.

June is the month for you to act on your career decisions. Hamstech Institute can introduce you to a few career options in creative domains like fashion designing, interior designing, photography and jewellery design. A little skill, the right aptitude and faith in your career choice is all that you need to get started.

Why fashion?


fashion designing institutes


A very recent story of a 63-year-old university professor from New York, who turned the tables on her waning life by choosing fashion, proves a point. Fashion is a force to reckon with and a career in fashion designing deserve all optimism. As for the professor, she’s a rocking fashion figure today with growing fandom among the youth.

The rising influence of fashion is evident with people getting more conscious about their looks. The youth is updated about celebrity fashion and social media is causing fashion trends to merge across boundaries.

A career in fashion is highly rewarding. Fashion designing also gives opportunity for entrepreneurship. This means, a skilled fashion designer will always have the opportunity to work. With a perspective on fashionable attire, grooming and artistic skills, even an undergraduate can aspire for a career in fashion.

Hamstech, one of the top fashion designing institutes based in Hyderabad, offers industry-level training. Its Diploma and Bachelor’s degree course enlightens students on multiple options available for candidates interested in fashion and trends.

It’s inspiring to peruse through the list of world famous Indian fashion designers and acknowledge the fact that Indian fashion is immensely popular internationally. If you have a passion for fashion, it’s time you joined a Certificate Programme in Fashion Design.

Have that thing for interiors?


interior designing


A flair for making homes beautiful and comfortable is just the beginning of a serious interest in interior designing. If a sense of space management and optimisation prompts you to advance, you should enrol in an interior designing course.

Modern houses and office spaces reveal that today interiors are serious business. Even startups and shared office projects are focusing on visual appeal with optimal functionality. The industry needs professionals who can design unique and fashionable commercial and residential spaces.

Hamstech offers Diploma and Bachelors certifications in Interior Designing. Under expert coaching and mentorship, students grow into well-trained and certified interior designers. They learn to put creativity and technique into designing interiors that reflect the residents’ personality and vision.

A career in photography


photography training institute


With a sudden inclination towards photography, there’s a growing need for good photographers in India. Hence, there’s a rise in specialisations that a photographer can choose to go with.

Irrespective of camera type, the quality of a photograph depends on the basics. With an eye for identifying a good frame and the strengths of a scene, you may only require a formal training.

Experts at a photography training institute can systematically guide you on laws, features and techniques of photography. Such coaching, combined with relentless practice moulds an expert in time. Mentorship from industry experts adds to the skill, which is an advantage with Hamstech. Here, mentors provide real world advice on working as a professional photographer.

Cut out a shining career


Jewellery designing


Jewellery design is today the craft of the professionals. It has evolved in its concept, method and style. The opportunities for talented craftsmen has multiplied in the industry.

Jewellery designing can be taken up in an entrepreneurial stride. A certified jewellery designer has a scope of being recruited by reputed brands of the country. Besides, the trend of costume jewellery is flourishing. The opportunity for innovating designs and selling costume jewellery is immense. Even online jewellery stores are blooming today.

Hamstech offers Certificate Course in Jewellery Designing to which you can enrol after matriculation. After successful course completion, you can work as jewellery consultants, fashion jewellery designers, accessory designers or even establish a brand of your own.

For over 25 years Hamstech has been specialising in creative courses. The institute has placement partnerships with highly reputed companies, mentorship and guest lectures for every stream. Annual events at Hamstech helps students showcase their talent.

So this June, take a leap and explore your career opportunities with Hamstech.

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