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Hamstech Storybook: Clickable Tales from Photography Students

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Hamstech’s photography students come up with exceptional shots and projects doing their photography training courses.

Every student at Hamstech has an amusing and inspiring story to tell. We’d love to share a couple of stories with you from students at Hamstech’s photography institute in panjagutta.


Mahesh’s Wedding Masterpiece


photography institutes in panjagutta

“Last year, I decided to put out my opinion on the ornate Indian wedding in a photo album. Some of my friends volunteered to help me with the project.

“I titled the album ‘Marriagym’. For our little assignment, we got many pieces of jewellery imitations ready. We also arranged for bangles and typical Indian wedding dresses.

“I shot the newlyweds posing in their festive attire, quite comically, like they were exercising. The photos highlighted the physicality involved with all that bling. Through my pictures, I wished to focus on the labour of getting decked up and enduring the varying heat.

“The printed album awed everybody in the family and amused us all. I’m now planning for its digital version.”

– Mahesh Kumar, Certificate Course in Photography


Kiranmayi’s Banana Face


photography classes


“I enjoy photography classes, especially for the tasks. Once I got an assignment to click 5 faces showing different emotions.

“I went around clicking till I was left with one only sad face, still uncaptured. It was a festive time and a rare period to find anyone sad. I still managed to click a couple of faces, but wasn’t happy with them. Disappointed, I returned home, still seeking a sad face.

“I noticed a ripened banana in the basket with black marks on it that made an emoticon-like sad face! The marks were positioned perfectly towards the peeling top. I promptly clicked it, placing it vertically on the wall.

“To my surprise, the next day, out of my five clicks, the banana face was most appreciated and set everyone laughing! My friend are now creating memes out of it!”

– M. Kiranmayi, Certificate Course in Photography


Pawan Soars on Time


certificate course in photography


I completed Hamstech’s Certificate Course in Photography 3 months back. I had already been active on photography forums and communities online at the time.

“By the end of the course, I suddenly had an opportunity to join a contest, opened by Edward, a very gifted photographer from UK. I was in his online community for sometime then. The contest entrants were handpicked by him. I worked for a week to click and select the best shots  for submission.

“Quite unimaginably, I won the contest and was offered a chance to work with a lifestyle magazine from UK that needed photos for a special edition. Thanks to the online activity and my certification, I easily got involved in 3 photography projects that is adding to my experience and expertise today.”

– Pawan K, Certificate Course in Photography

The journey of creativity and expression never ends. At Hamstech Institute, we elevate every future photographer’s skill in photography giving perfect liberty to learn and experiment.

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