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Hamstech Storybook: Interior Designing Students Tell Tales

Learning is fun at Hamstech. With us, the students mature in their interior designing skills, given the opportunity to enjoy their learning process. We’d love to share a couple of stories told to us by our interior designing students.

Each story would be giving you a glimpse of their experience at Hamstech doing their interior designing courses in Hyderabad.

Read on, enjoy and get inspired by the stories of these students of interior design diploma courses.

How Manisha Found Her Love for Interiors


interior designing course


“After completing my intermediate, I was undecided on my next move. I was doing a lot of artwork already. I loved to draw buildings and nature and frame my paintings at home.

 Once, I chanced to watch “You’ve got mail!” and was amazed to see how lovely the apartment of the heroine looked, with many framed paintings on the walls like the ones I had in my room. I loved the pale green shade too. It fascinated me to see that a simple room could be so artsy yet casual.

 I took my interest in interior designing more seriously and began to look for interior designing institutes. I was referred to the diploma course at Hamstech Institute and was hooked ever since I gave their prospectus a read. My parents encouraged me and felt this was the right place for me to use my imagination, drawing skill and sense of space.

 I joined the 2-Year Interior Designing Diploma Course at Hamstech and never looked back. Few of my design presentations got well-appreciated. I’m now confident that Hamstech will help me become a successful interior designer and it all goes back to that moment when I found my passion in front of my TV.”

-Manisha Paul


Kishore’s wits on the wall


interior designing courses in Hyderabad


“I’ve always found a scope of adding some inspiration and fun on the walls. Once, during my interior designing classes at Hamstech, we had an exercise in wall decoration ideas. The whole class was making wall-arts and doing beautiful paintings.

 I had arrived late that day and had very little time to complete the exercise. I pictured a white wall that I wanted to decorate differently and make people smile. So I made a hanging wall-art saying “Smear your smile” in beautiful word-art with minimal drawing, showing sparkles. The work was quick, but the idea did meet with cheer and laughter.”


-Kishore Prasad


Shilpa’s InteriYour Gold


interior designing students


“Hamstech’s annual exhibition event “InteriYour 2017” was special for me. I won the Gold in the Indian furniture category!

 After a great amount of preparation for the event, I was excited, just like my other batchmates. The interior design competition was thrilling. We had a huge audience and our works were appreciated. Being judged by our celebrity mentor, Ms. Shabnam Gupta, was an icing on the cake.

The prize I won, was an impetus to work better and harder towards my dream of becoming a successful interior designer.”

– Shilpa Reddy


These stories express ideas, creativity, inspiration and conviction. We hope you got a glance at how our spirited students make the best of their professional education at Hamstech.

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