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Hamstech Storybook: Jewellery Designing Students Tell Tales

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As a kid, have you ever been asked to come up and tell a story? Even today, many schools have an exclusive competition on storytelling. This activity encourages students to build excellent communication skills and develops their ability to think.

But, above all, they inspire, amuse and entertain one and all!

Here, at Hamstech, we have some wonderful stories to share from our Jewellery Designing Department.


Story of the Green Emerald


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“Stone setting is an important topic in jewellery designing. It was for one of the classes that every student was asked to get a stone or a gem to. Neha, my classmate, got a huge green emerald. She held it around rather proudly to get everyone’s attention. She had bought it at an extravagant price from Charminar.

“But something didn’t seem right about the jewel. You see, in jewellery designing classes, an exclusive topic on ‘how to differentiate fake gemstone from real ones’ is taught. This topic teaches you how to check the purity and authenticity of precious stones. Using what we had been taught, we put the emerald to test. Unfortunately, Neha’s so-called green emerald failed it miserably!

“We urged a disappointed Neha to get a refund and return the fake stone. That day, we all took a silent oath of checking what we buy before spending ridiculous amounts of money on it. “

-Poornima Gupta, Diploma in Jewellery Designing


An Ode to the Egyptian Jewellery


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“During Hamstech’s jewellery design course, students get an opportunity to interact with craftsmen and artisans. Movies that have been exclusively known for their jewellery are also shown to students.   

“As a student of Hamstech, one movie that caught my attention was ‘Cleopatra’. The movie had beautiful Egyptian jewellery donned by Queen Cleopatra.

“I took this as an inspiration and designed something similar for Hamstech’s jewellery Show & Sale, ‘Alankaran’. I came up with innovative designs of headgears, earrings, armlets, etc.

“My historical representation of Egyptian jewellery was immensely appreciated, considering the fact that they were a true inspiration from the Egyptian civilization.”

-Ankita Kumar, Diploma in Jewellery Designing


A sense of Achievement


jewellary designing course

“I pursued a Jewellery designing course from Hamstech and today, I design my own line as a freelancer. Hamstech’s jewellery Show & Sale, ‘Alankaran’ gave me the much needed exposure and boosted my confidence.

“My jewellery designing diploma opened doors to the beautiful world of jewellery-making for me. It is from Hamstech, that my career in jewellery designing kick-started.

“I specialise in traditional jewellery and customise pieces as per my clients’ taste, personality and the occasion.

“All my designs gained appreciation from my friends and family at the beginning and now my clientele has expanded, turning my little business into a big enterprise. I’m grateful to Hamstech for giving me the opportunity to establish myself and achieve what I have today.”

-Nidhi Gidwani, Diploma in Jewellery Designing

 Amongst so many jewellery designing institutes in India, Hamstech has proved to be the best. All these stories together make Hamstech a place where learning is fun!



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