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Hamstech’s Innovative Methods of Imparting Creative Education

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Ken Robinson, a British author, speaker and an international advisor on education once said, “Creativity is as important now in education as literacy and we should treat it with the same status”.

Creative education is as important as academic education. It is the process of developing natural skills which must be encouraged through various innovative teaching methodologies. Even today, many schools and colleges do not give much importance to creative education. Unlike such educational institutes, Hamstech Institute follows a unique approach in imparting creative education.

Hamstech practices creative methods of providing high-quality education. The institute helps students enhance their skills and talents through creative courses in fields namely fashion design, interior design, jewellery design and photography.

Here are few innovative methods Hamstech uses to impart creative education.


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Creative Learning through Latest Infrastructure


A strong infrastructure plays an important role in a student’s career. Hamstech believes in creating conducive environment that encourages creative learning. The classrooms, design studios, textile labs, libraries, etc. are designed to stimulate progress in the respective discipline.


Implementation of Effective Strategies


Creative and effectively strategic programmes which include guest lectures and seminars, site visits, and talks by industry experts and mentors are implemented by Hamstech. These programmes are extremely helpful for students who are pursuing an interior design course, as well as other creative courses.


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Participation in Shows and Exhibitions


Hamstech has served as a learning platform for students. Every year, the institute organizes shows and exhibitions to bring out the creativity, talent and skills of the students. For example, students of fashion designing courses start preparing 2 to 3 months prior to the annual fashion show. The same applies for interior design, jewellery design and photography departments, whose shows are scheduled following the fashion show.

Here, every student is privileged to be guided by their respective mentors who greatly contribute towards their success. Hamstech has always been a believer in following and implementing innovative teaching methods, which includes the mentors’ contributions.


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Blend of Theoretical and Practical Training


Other than sheer academics, Hamstech also focuses on practical training. Students from the Interior design and photography department go on regular educational excursions to architectural and historical sites. This kind of hands-on training works best in bringing a positive outcome from the course related activities.

This also applies to other creative departments like jewellery design and fashion design. Students from the jewellery design department also get an opportunity to regularly interact with artisans and craftsmen. This gives them an in-depth understanding of jewellery making.


Assignments and Discussions


Assignments and group discussions are a way of encouraging analytical thinking. Regular discussions expand a student’s thinking. The assignments too are designed in a way to develop every student’s logical ability.

Interactions between faculty and students bridge the gap and encourage creative thinking. At Hamstech, students have the freedom to express their views and share ideas. This and lot more are followed by Hamstech in imparting creative education.


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Encouraging Creative Skills


Hamstech often organises creative workshops for students, in domains of fashion, interior, jewellery and photography. These workshops are conducted by industry experts who focus on teaching innovative skills and methods.

Such workshops motivate students and broaden their imagination. Students are thus able to pick a particular skill and take it to a higher level.

Hamstech Institute has been a leader in creative education for more than two decades. The institute is spread across six centres in Himayath Nagar, Jubilee Hills, Panjagutta, Secunderabad, Kukatpally and Gachibowli.

The institute is also affiliated with renowned universities. It provides placements and internships with top designers and brands. Eminent personalities such as Mrs. Neeta Lulla, Mrs. Shabnam Gupta and Mr. Avinash Goweriker are mentors for the creative courses.

Hamstech, as a creative educational institute, concentrates on training on communication and interpersonal skills also. Therefore, along with academic education, personality development is also focused on.

The institute proves the point that every educational institute must not only aim at providing quality academic education but also devise strategies to develop creative skills. Getting into a creative career is truly rewarding and the opportunities are many. One could choose from careers such as fashion stylist, interior decorator, accessory designer or a travel photographer.

With Hamstech’s innovative educational methods, every student is an achiever!

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