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Have a Hamstech Holi


Amongst the many festivals celebrated in India, Holi is one such festival that is enjoyed by everyone, irrespective of the caste, colour, age or gender. The colourful festival of Holi signifies the hues of the spring season.

Like other Indian festivals, Hamstech celebrates Holi with great gusto and enthusiasm. We, at Hamstech, exude the same excitement that you may have while prepping up your home, dressing for the Holi bash and clicking loads of pictures.

So, it’s time to break away from your stereotype and try out something that’s fun. Here are some easy ideas on how to make your Holi celebration a memorable one:

Colourful Interiors & Exteriors The best way to get started is to give your home a colourful makeover. Splashes of vibrant hues instantly transforms any space into a cheerful one. So, get into the festive mood and re-do your house in the best way possible.




Paper Hangings- Paper hangings are the quickest way to add a touch of glamour to your home. If you know a bit of origami, you can craft out few designs or make different motifs using colourful crepe paper and hang them around. In most interior designing classes, origami is a part of the curriculum. This surely is an ‘easy on your pocket’ idea. You could also try making paper buntings, which is simple and can be customised as well as reused for different occasions.

Bright Upholstery- Bring out all the bright upholstery and put them up. Right from your curtains to your sofa covers and bedspreads. Select bright colours like ocher yellow, pink, orange, red, etc. as these colours are instant mood lifters.




Rangoli- As you know, this is one of the oldest form of art practiced in India for creating designs using dry/wet colours. It is commonly seen outside many homes and is made by many Indian women during different festivals.

Crystal Bowls– Lay crystal bowls with flowers or just petals and leave them at the center of the table, at the entrance of the house. It gives a welcoming feeling.




Aromatic Candles- Light scented candles wherever you can. In the drawing room, bathroom, bedroom, etc. and let the aroma sweep through every corner of your home, leaving its sweet scent around.

Holi preparations are incomplete without getting ready in your best attire and jewellery. Being a Fashion Design Institute, Hamstech encourages all its students to dress differently and uniquely, in accordance with the festival. In fact, one of our jewellery designing faculty came up with an exclusive piece for Holi. She also shared a few tips on how to take care of your jewellery.

Here are some hacks:

Silver jewellery: For silver jewellery, wrap your jewellery in cotton and use zip lock bags to store. This prevents oxidization and keeps your accessories from turning black.

Gold and Platinum Jewellery: Coming to gold and platinum jewellery, once exposed to water, dark spots may begin to appear. So brush it with soap and then store it.

Pearl Jewellery: When exposed to chemicals, pearls get corroded. Therefore, wash them with lukewarm water and soap.

Now, coming to your festive attire, try experimenting with your looks. At Hamstech, fashion designing students often come up with new looks and style for every season. From designing funky footwear to garment construction, skills of every student here is tested and later trained to perfection.

If you are going for a fun party, then wear something that you are comfortable in. But if it’s a formal Holi party, pick a dress in the colour white, experiment with your hair, paint your nails using bright colours, and wear minimal makeup. Accessorise your outlook with silver jewellery and go out looking gorgeous.

After gathering few tips on your home, festive clothing and jewellery, you can’t give a miss to saving some memories in the form of pictures. On this festive occasion of Holi, we at Hamstech every year organize a Rangoli and Photography competition for students.

Hamstech is known to be one of the best photography institute in Hyderabad. Photography students here, get a chance to showcase their photography skills by clicking pictures of all the rangoli artwork and the three best snaps are awarded with a prize.




But most importantly at Hamstech, students are taught to celebrate a Holi that’s eco-friendly.

So go ahead and use your ideas, skill and creativity, but remember to have a safe and colourful a Holi.

Happy Holi, Everyone!

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