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How Annual Events of Hamstech Institute Shape the Future

Hamstech Institute

Every student matures into a professional with the opportunity to evaluate and prove his/her skill and mettle. A professional training institute like Hamstech offers a platform, and an opportunity to its students to give their best shot at displaying skill and preparedness to move towards a promising career.

The academic calendar of Hamstech Institute has an annual convergence of academics and activity towards a prestigious event, per academic stream, showcasing creative excellence.

Be it fashion designing, interior designing or photography, Hamstech offers invaluable resources and opportunities to students to develop their craft and get rewarded for their efforts. Every stream has a celebrity mentor. Every student gets classroom training, guest lectures and the chance to exhibit their mastery over their subject at well organised, grand annual events.

Hamstech’s students, at these annual events, lay the foundation of their careers with an exposure to the real world. Let’s look at how these events benefit the students in building their career.


fashion designing


The Hlabel Fashion Show & Sale


The Hlabel Show is the event that showcases the students’ collections of fashion designing courses. These could be ethnic or fusion.

In a year of academics and training, the students’ imagination, creativity and designing skill is put to test. During their training, they get constant support from their mentor and celebrity designer, Mrs. Neeta Lulla.

She advises and directs students towards doing classy garment designs. They also receive a clarity on how their collections can match the aspirations of the highly anticipated show and sale event.

The event happens in 2 stages; Sale and Show. In both, the students present their collections impressively facing the real-time challenge of getting appreciation and sales. The collections are also made available online at

Running the students through a real-life scenario of organising, executing and getting results from a fashion design process prepares them to take an unpardoning amount of effort and focus in the fashion industry.


interior designing


The InteriYour Show & Sale


The InteriYour Show is the annual event for Hamstech’s interior design students. The show features exhibition, competitions and sale.

This show opens the door of opportunity for the students to showcase their interior designing and interior decoration prowess, more so their innovations. People become aware of the possibilities in the area of interior design. The last show introduced interior design ideas from across the world.

This happens under the eminent mentorship of Mrs. Shabnam Gupta. The competitions are judged for the quality of their design ideas and excellence of execution by Mrs. Shabnam Gupta and other accomplished interior designing professionals.

The show is a platform for the students to gauge their efforts and creativity along with winning deserved recognition.


photography training courses


Pixel Perfect Photo Exhibition


Photography students at Hamstech keep high aspirations being mentored by the renowned celebrity photographer Mr. Avinash Gowariker. With talent meeting skill, students make highly creative compositions in the course of their photography training courses. For them, the annual exhibition of their photographs, Pixel Perfect, holds great importance.

The exhibition showcases works under different categories viz. Nature, Portrait and Landscape. The best pictures are awarded and they gain enormous media attention. The winner also gets their masterpiece signed by Avinash Gowariker.

The exhibition displays the results of expert training and upgradation given by the faculty and mentor. The students find great impetus to become accomplished photographers.


jewellery designing


Alankaran Jewellery Show & Sale


To fortify the exposure and confidence of all its jewellery designing students, Hamstech Institute also hosts its annual Jewellery Show & Sale: Alankaran. This event helps the aspiring designers to exhibit and get their collections commissioned by general public and even eminent personalities.

Hamstech institute, thus stays constantly committed towards giving the industry the best from its pool of gifted students.

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