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How Hamstech Combines Indian Culture and Modernity

We live in a modern age/society, where we quite often shun everything that belongs to old times or tradition. So have you wondered, how can we preserve our rich and varied Indian culture and tradition?

To keep the line ‘Trends change but traditions don’t’ the education sector is also ideating the concepts to create a balance between them; and hence, the term ‘Fusion’.


fashion designing


The word ‘Fusion’ might seem confusing and complicated. So, what is fusion when it comes to fashion? Is it a mix of two different styles? Looking deep into the subject there is a lot to talk about.

Fusion basically gives a new perspective with amalgamation of Indian and modern outlooks.

The new age is an evolution of ancient art. It is trying to define the complexity of modernity in terms of art. It is a way of aesthetically presenting any form of work which reaches the expectations of the end user.


professional institutes for fashion designing courses


Ruminating on lifestyle reflecting areas like the way one dresses up, the place where one lives etc. define one’s personality.

Sometimes we like to add a professional touch to our lifestyle. Fashion designing and interior designing are a haven to shape our lifestyle in a desired way.

There are many professional institutes for fashion designing courses where you can join in a course or you can hire a professional to modify your appearance and lifestyle.


Fashion designing courses


Hamstech Institute of design is a place where you can find professionals who understand the art of adding Indian culture in their works, when necessary.

Modernity in terms of fashion or any other vertical does not always mean westernizing. A classic sense of ethnic fashion of today’s India is a reflection of contemporary art and Indian tradition.

Going back to the balance of Indian culture and modernity, Fashion designing courses in Hamstech helps student understand that modernity is not about the changing trends alone, but also a transformation of regular Indian fashion into a stylish modern.

A fashion designing course in Hamstech throws light on the major difference in present days’ modernity and the rich Indian culture. If you go through the works of the students of Hamstech you can find a flair for Indian culture and tradition.


Interior designing course


Other than fashion there is also interior designing to make a note of, as it falls into the category of areas that reflect one’s lifestyle. A typical Interior designing course is a collection of ideas that are quite modern but also have a tinge of Indian culture wherever necessary.

There are a lot of interior designers in India whose works are highly modern yet preserve Indian culture at least in one of their designing aspects. Most of the time the inspiration is derived from ancient Indian art.

This is just a beginning of how Hamstech balances Modernity and Indian culture in the minds of the students. Therefore, playing a critical role in their overall development so that students here can accept and improvise their roots and rich culture.

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