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How Hamstech has Changed Students’ Perception

Teaching and learning has been prevalent parts of an educational system. Education in any form constitutes an essential part of a student’s academic life. For every student, quality education is value for money as this is what equips them to become independent individuals.

Hamstech Institute, over the last two decades has played a major role in fostering quality education by going beyond the traditional practices. The institute has set a distinct standard of education to enrich every student’s learning experience.

Among the various institutes offering creative courses, Hamstech is known to offer the best ones. Fashion, Interior, Jewellery design and Photography are the most sought after courses Hamstech deals with.

Every course is presented with a different suitability. Those with great drawing and designing skills can opt to take up fashion designing course. Those who enjoy designing spaces and interiors, can choose interior designing course. Those who have the skill to craft beautiful pieces of jewellery and have a keen eye to capture minute details can pursue jewellery designing and photography course respectively.

Hamstech being a leader in creative education has always believed in training and nurturing students in the right direction. The major factors that changed students’ perception about Hamstech may be listed as follows:


fashion design


Well-tailored Curriculum

A well-tailored curriculum is the key to a successful outcome. Be it for any course, the curriculum at Hamstech is updated and fit for the requirements of every student. The institute has also adopted the latest teaching-learning methodologies which also keeps the knowledge delivery process relevant with the changing times.

This has boosted every student’s learning experience and shifted their involvement from the outdated theoretical learning.


hamstech faculty


Qualified Faculty

Over the years, the well-qualified, well-trained faculty has consistently contributed towards the success of the students and the institute. Trainers at Hamstech have extended their support to students beyond formal education.

The faculty at Hamstech has time and again empowered students to become independent individuals as well as optimize their talent.


interior design


Best Mentors

Hamstech gives an opportunity to its students to learn from the best in the industry.

The institute has taken many measures to improve the quality of education through its mentors.   It has close association with mentors from different streams like renowned fashion designer Mrs. Neeta Lulla.  She has been a mentor for fashion designing students for over a decade now. Similarly, Mrs. Shabnam Gupta is a mentor for interior designing students. Celebrity photographer Mr. Avinash Gowariker is a mentor for Hamstech’s photography department.


image 4-a28


Placements & Internships

Today, the idea behind every student joining a course is to get placements and internships. Hamstech has been a leading institute in placing students with the best brands. But students have found internships equally rewarding and thus has a shift from intentions to earn only jobs.

Other than job placements, internships during and after the course have helped students to gain a good measure of exposure. Working with top brands has boosted their confidence and made them industry-ready.


image 5-a28


Platform to Showcase Talent

The opportunity to participate in exhibitions and shows has been a part of the learning process. The the Hlabel show and sale exclusively for fashion designing students is a great platform for them. Similarly, ‘INTERIYOUR’ show and exhibition is another annual show for interior designing students.

It is through such shows that the students get to learn as well as exhibit their talent. Students’ perception about the outside world has completely changed after their active participation in such shows.

Thus, Hamstech has proven itself to be an ideal institute to pursue a creative course. With a wide array of professional opportunities in fashion, interior, jewellery designing and photography, students can expect the best for their future.

Today, many firms in and around the city look up to Hamstech’s students as highly resourceful and talented individuals. Their attitude to building a career is more focused. They become potential candidates for joining organisations in their respective field of study in which they have certified. They are more confident in facing the industry and are acquainted with its ways of working and requirements.

Such positive change in outlook and added value earned from quality education at Hamstech, makes its students stand apart and excel in their field.

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