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How Hamstech Incorporates a Digital Learning Experience

Learning in the modern times is rapidly shedding the features of the educational methods that existed a few decades ago, thanks to the widely available digital resources that are changing the method, vastness and quality of learning in every domain of education. This stands true for the realm of professional education also.

Even though the relevance of formal education based in physical classrooms with teachers has not been lost, the surge in networking capacity and digital systems of learning has made even the classrooms evolve into tech-equipped learning spaces where rich media broadcasting virtual learning content is changing the manner knowledge is delivered and received.


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Ever since the advent of internet and the progress marked by increasingly capable digital networks and systems, educational institutions are utilising the power of digital media to give more versatile learning experience to its students. Being one of the top fashion designing institutes in Hyderabad, Hamstech too has joined the league of institutions that are progressively approaching the methods employed in academic programmes.

Hamstech Institute is in fact a model institute that pioneered creative learning in the city of its origin. It developed in over 2 decades to be a promising entity that provides enthusiastic youth in getting professionally qualified to start careers with a good understanding of the respective industry they are going to; be it fashion design, interior design, photography or jewellery designing.

The progressive stride of the institution reflects in the constant upgrades and exemplary steps taken to ensure that students get every opportunity to use the best means and methods of receiving career enabling education. Digital learning is a major step the institute is taking to make its reach wider and more prominent. The experience of this rich resource of learning has been implemented effectively into the curriculum of its academic topics viz. Fashion designing.

One way digital platforms are utilised for the students by Hamstech is by encouraging students to use online resources to gain insight into specific topics and assignments and share their valuable observations and findings with the class, making learning a more intensely collective and mutually beneficial activity.


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The institute is also using the social media to host digital content. The content delivered through its website ( social media include blogs, articles, fun facts and quizzes. These help individuals, including the students, to reach out to a treasure of content that can improve their outlook and knowledge about various topics in the 4 verticals of learning that Hamstech deals with. One of the social media channels is Facebook where Hamstech is at

Besides classroom learning, the students get to participate in seminars and celebrity mentor meetups, that are aired live on the social media. Enthusiasts and students alike can participate to ask their questions and doubts from any location online. The online participation enriches the discussion and gives even broader perspective to everybody on the subject in discussion. Such interactions also help enthusiastic youth to find potential opportunity for developing their creative passion in highly career-oriented fields like fashion design and photography at Hamstech.

Putting faith in digitally guided learning is easier for the new generation and hence they are comfortable with the inclusion of digital means of receiving educational content. In fact they expect the institute to be equipped with digital learning facilities, to which even the faculty keeps up and speak in the tech-aware language on creative topics to make it easier to converse and influence positively.

Hamstech is keen on making every effort to keep up with the times and make the standard of its digital learning facility top class so that students immensely benefit from them today and in the days to come.

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