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How Hamstech Institute Stands Out in Teaching Technology


This business of fashion is very creative and competitive. With new and more challenging designers cropping up from the remotest corners of the world, just being creative won’t be enough. So what are students looking for in a creative course? Well, they want a perfect blend of creativity, technical and business skills.

Hamstech has been in the business of creating profitable future for its students for over 25 years. Here you will get an opportunity to learn skills and knowledge that will guarantee you entry-level careers in all four areas of education i.e. fashion designing, jewelry designing, interior designing and photography.


Hamstech’s fashion designing course


Design schools essentially teach basic pattern making, drafting and sketching. But at Hamstech’s fashion designing course students are exposed to traditional tools as well as industrial equipment. Courses like merchandising and marketing is also a major part of the institute’s curriculum.


Hamstech’s interior designing course


Extensive training in computer-aided drafting, architectural and engineering basics, are some of the skills that students learn at Hamstech’s interior designing course as they are desirable skills for future job seekers and are increasingly in demand.


Jewelry designing course


Jewelry course typically include illustration, computer-aided design, casting and art history. Jewelry designing course at Hamstech in addition to the above also expose students to retailing, manufacturing costume jewelry and gemology.


photography training courses


Hamstech also has a photography training courses, where students through a comprehensive program learn how to take a perfect shot in any conditions. They learn how to perfectly blend the use of exposure, lighting and lenses.

While some of the students may not want to venture into the business side of fashion, interior, jewelry or photography it’s important that they have a basic understanding of how this business works. Hamstech organizes exhibitions showcases the work of students where buyers can see the merchandise and custom order or buy it off the rack. This experience is quite fulfilling for the students as they get a real time feedback on their products.


Hamstech institute


Most fashion, and interior and jewelry design students work for large apparel and accessory manufacturing companies. These companies focus on mass production which is usually less expensive than those of high fashion stores. Some students work for themselves and open a small boutique catering to private clients.

High fashion designers also employ students as illustrators, patternmakers, stylist or assistant designers. Hamstech provides training and knowledge to help you land a job of your dreams.

With creative courses, you have a huge pool of job opportunities to choose from. All you need is professional education and passion to chase your dreams. These courses will help you get entry-level jobs and your creativity and hard work will take you further.


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