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How Hamstech Students Styled Anushka Shetty with their Mentor

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Historical movies can be a great source of inspiration. While watching a movie, our attention instantly goes to the sets, costume and jewellery. It’s been proven that anything which grabs our attention seems to stay on our mind for long.

Speaking of costumes and history, we are all well aware of the grandeur and elegance, clothes of the past exhibited; and how painstakingly each of them were crafted. Students who are interested in learning and designing such elaborate apparels can fulfill their wish by enrolling in a fashion designing course. The course would enhance your skills and steer your knowledge in the right direction.

Designing costumes for historic movies, television serials and other onscreen shows requires great deal of expertise. You may not know, but a costume designer has to closely coordinate with the production team to bring out the best results.

One such expert, celebrity designer is Mrs. Neeta Lulla. She has been titled as, “Queen of Indian Fashion”. Her work has been truly remarkable and recognized by many from the industry. With over 25 years of experience and more than 300 films to her credit, Neeta Lulla has carved a place for herself in the fashion industry.


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Amongst many other films, Jodha Akbar and RudhramaDevi have been the two most incredible films that won Mrs. Neeta many accolades. The costumes and jewellery designed by her for the cast are intricate and crafted with the skills of an expert.

‘Rudhrama Devi’ is a historical film which is based on a prominent ruler of the same name. After going through the script and its characters thoroughly, Mrs. Lulla designed costumes pertaining to that era. As Mrs. Lulla has been closely associated with Hamstech institute for over two decades now, she shared this opportunity with Hamstech’s fashion designing students, giving them a chance to learn and receive industry exposure.

Students like Aparna Deshpande, Ravi Vanam and Rachana assisted Mrs. Lulla. The project gave each student a strong platform to kick-start their career in designing. During the tenure of the project, students learnt minute details of designing like, identifying the right material for costumes, selecting the right pattern and silhouettes, etc.


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Before working on the movie, designer Neeta Lulla spent a lot of time understanding the script and characters of the movie Rudhrama Devi. She has also been quoted saying, “Since the film is set in the 16th century, I made sure that no zippers or buttons were seen.”

Keeping all the colour palettes in mind, Mrs. Lulla also did a thorough research on the material to mimic the costumes of that era.

Speaking further about the movie and its main character, Mrs. Lulla says, “We used a lot of corseting, bandaging and prosthetics in Anushka’s costumes and the colour and cut philosophy to create the feminine look.”

The movie has been a great success and the costumes have been an inspiration to many.


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Costume designing is not entirely about stardom, it often requires you to work for long hours, involves travelling and complete dedication. If you are prepared to choose this path, then nothing should hold you back from chasing your dream career.

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