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How Hamstech’s Creative Education Takes Cues from the Industry

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Industry based learning is an essential stream of education that should be actively functional providing a potential opportunity for enthusiastic and talented youth to advance their career substantially. The relevance of skills and knowledge gained from an educational institution are best tested with its applicability and compatibility with the present times as a potential problem solver and a driver for innovation.

Hamstech, being a seasoned contributor to creative education in the fields of fashion design, interior design, photography and jewellery designing, has put the ideology into practice successfully for over 25 years. The institute has maintained its glaring quality of going with the times and the industry trends, helping its students access, appreciate and implement highly relevant and career defining cues in their scholastic assignments.


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Afterall, training in a professional field ultimately aims to prepare students to develop their ability to perform and create in mainstream industrial spaces. So while fashion designing students learn the subject in fashion designing courses, they also gain a lot more than just the technical prowess. What the industry looks for in every individual is exceptional/unique thinking, masterful execution and impressive social skills.

Hence, grooming every student into a professional absorbed by the industry and maintaining the status of being one of the top fashion designing institutes in Hyderabad has been a challenge that Hamstech Institute has consistently tackled through the years. The following review explores the manner in which the institute takes cues from the industry to nourish its creative education stream.


The Method of Study


The learning methods in an institute like Hamstech, where the subjects taught are of the likes of fashion design and interior design, are bound to be ones that prescribe more practice than theory. But besides the methods of learning, the topics students learn are also influencing factors for choosing to getting trained at this institution.

These days, a commoner may put their faith in online digital resources than real ones. But a true professional knows that the real advantages of real world connections and interactions are irreplaceable. The message should trickle deeper into the psyche of any individual who wants to excel in the industry. No matter how marvelous ones digital accomplishments may be, if they are superficial in nature for raw human experiences and utilities, they are bound to fail.


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Also, following from the real world scenario, no subject is learned without a collective effort at the institute. For example, in creating a fashion design and turning it into real garments, the involvement of a group of students is ensured so that individual limitations do not plague the possibilities of collective creative thinking.

Besides, the students are encouraged to think about even an established design concept in a new light and reinvent it with a novel perspective. This is an essential quality in the industry as new designs and trends are not always entirely fresh ideas, but twists on existing models.

Apart from these, interactive sessions with industry experts and celebrity mentors are offered, helping students stay updated about the current scenario in the industry and the future possibilities.


Focused Hands-on Learning


It is easy to use digital tools to create a new artwork or design. But true talent can still recreate the idea on plain paper, fabric or a model the “old fashion” way. As a professional, one should be able to present ideas effortlessly even without digital tools.


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Also, experts in psychology are addressing a few trending concerns with the overuse and dependency on digital and electronic gadgets, hampering creativity and productivity. They say that for creativity to come around, a person has to have a focused and yet relaxed mind that ideates vigorously.

So, the students are restricted from using their tech gadgets and are constantly diverted to use their time in the institute focused on hands-on learning and activity.


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At Hamstech Institute, students are urged to spend their quality time in exploring their subjects and its influences in the real world. For this, they are kept active with assignments that are devised to learn, create and innovate; the mentality every creative professional has to have.

The fact largely advocated today is that creativity is the predominant determinant of success and progress in almost every manner of industry. It is only natural that Hamstech maintains its efforts at boosting creativity and setting the one quality as the launchpad for the youth to build careers.


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