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How to Create your signature style with a Fashion Design Course?

Fashion designing course

Ritu Kumar, Sabyasachi Mukerji, Manish Malhotra, Neeta Lulla, the list is endless. All these are some of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Have you ever wondered what is so remarkable about their work?

Designer Ritu Kumar is well-known for contemporary silhouettes and block printing while designer Neeta Lulla and Sabyasachi are known for their bridal trousseau and exquisite embroidery collection. Each of these designers have established their own signature style and this is what makes them unique.

Similarly, as an aspiring fashion designer, developing your signature style is what would define your personality. The question here is how can you create your signature style with the help of fashion designing courses?

With a ceaseless list of fashion designing institutes in India, all you need to do is choose the right one. Amongst many renowned institutes, Hamstech institute of creative education has proved to be one of the best.


diploma for Fashion designing


Therefore, before enrolling you may want to check few details like duration of the course, the curriculum and definitely the institute itself. With a well-structured curriculum, excellent teaching methodologies and experienced faculty and mentors, Hamstech has always been a driving force in helping students achieve their own style and elements of uniqueness.

As you look forward to sharpening your designing skills with an institute like Hamstech, a fashion designing course will surely help you identify your strength. If you choose to pursue a diploma in fashion designing, the intensive training will equip you with everything that is required to be a top designer with your signature style.


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At Hamstech, annual fashion shows and sales titled as “TheHLabel”, enable students to develop their own distinctive skills by displaying their collection created from sketch through their own ideation. During the preparation of the show, every student is closely mentored and guided by experts. The course also provides them with hands-on training, evaluating the latest trends in fashion, research of various types of materials, etc. As a student, you’ll be surrounded with the best knowledge you need to be able to incorporate it into contriving your very own label.

Creating a signature style becomes relatively easy because your fashion designing course would prove to be the only powerful tool that will help you explore. As a designer, you can take inspiration from your surroundings, nature, monuments, etc. and convert it into your signature style.


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Similarly, the best way to develop your signature style is to play around with lots of designing elements. If you are good with embroidery, you can club it with bold prints or if you are good with colours, team it with different silhouettes. The key is to develop a one-of-a-kind style.

One such example is designer Althea Krishna who has been an alumnus of Hamstech. With so many fashion designers in the industry, Althea has made a mark for herself with her signature style. She has retained the traditional Indian roots and developed a fine style.

Her signature style is fusion with contemporary social messages entwined in the deisgns- a combination of modern and bridal wear with beautiful Indian embroidery. Gota and zardosi work have been extensively used in her collection.

With the growing demand for fashion designers, the industry is always on a look out for best designers. So, if you want to create a distinct place in the industry, you have to develop a unique taste and style and pay close heed to your fashion designing classes.

So follow our tips and you can grab your chance to make the best of a fashion designing course and create your unique signature style. Cease the time and define your style!

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