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How to Start Appreciating Interior Design?

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It is said, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. If one cares to enjoy the beauty of an interior, the habit had better started at home. After all, when it’s the home, it’s more natural to come back and appreciate the space that has served physical and emotional needs so well so long.

But in the first place, the questions to answer are what does it really take to appreciate an interior design, more so over a period of time? Is it a liking for colours? Or is it a comparison of design to functionality? How does one step in and begin to tell apart the magnificent from good things about an interior?

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To learn interior designing helps to look at every design with a guided understanding that makes the whole difference between a commoner’s version of observation and a professional’s. But after all, beyond seeing an interior with a trained eye, the innocent and honest feedback and comments from guests, friends or relatives visiting the home counts very much.

So how does one appreciate an interior design realistically? How do interior design classes help one gain a better perspective in this regard when it matters?

Right from doing it as assignment at an interior design course to making a heartfelt memoir about one’s own home, these are a few suggestions on how to get at it and make the most of the appreciation and criticisms garnered and use them to ideate a better interior.

Sense the harmony between space and decor.

An ideal interior shall balance space and accessories in it very well. It is often experienced how some rooms look too cluttered even if its accessories are crafted wonderfully. The balanced design satisfies the need for ample active space, provide easy access to facilities and gives out a vibe that is gained from the decor the room is provided with.

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Look for visual and other sensory features.

An interior impacts not just in how it looks. For instance, thematic interiors implement a mix of visual decor complimented by accessories crafted to give out a great feel upon touch. It’s a joy to even imagine how good a woolly mat or velvety upholstery can make one feel while being in a room!

Assess how well the interiors and accessories are ageing.

Interiors age too! A home takes on the wear of its inhabitants’ active life and bears the marks of their living and indulgence through the years. The pictures on the walls change, the paints fade, the wood changes tone and texture, and the feel of the chairs change. But the best part of an ageing interior is that it reflects a lifestyle quite honestly. With proper maintenance, interiors can be made to age quite gracefully, preserving a history of their existence and the individuals that inhabited them.

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Consider how well the interiors facilitate lifestyle needs.

Of course, people are not made for interiors; it’s always the other way around. So when one tries to evaluate or appreciate an interior design, it is right to check out how well the setting and design make it possible to exercise a certain lifestyle and exhibit the inhabitants’ personality.

So for a nature lover, a garden in view from the bedroom or living room and some interior plants make sense. For an artist, interiors probably feature an aesthetic blend of comfort and elements of art like paintings, colours, and sculptures as decors.

Periodically make note of things lovable about interiors and the plans to better them.

Paying a visit to one’s own home sounds strange but that’s exactly what it takes to listen to what the living space is conveying back to ponder on. It’s like a date or sometimes even a pilgrimage to walk around the interiors and jot down all that is still inspiring and marvellous about it. Nostalgia helps here and gives a proper assessment of one’s relation and prospects with the space and what can be done to rejuvenate it.

The love for interiors and the emotional and technical motivations behind creating an interior are to be taken into consideration for a better appreciation of them. It only becomes a better exercise with a formal training from reputed institutions like Hamstech Institute.

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