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Independence Day Celebration at Hamstech Institute

Hamstech Institute

Every festival in India is celebrated with great pomp and show. So is, India’s Independence Day which is no less that a grand festival that is celebrated throughout the country by people irrespective of the caste, creed, and culture.

India was declared an independent country on 15th August 1947, and since then this day has been commemorated as India’s Independence Day. This year’s celebration held great significance for every Indian as it was India’s 70th Independence Day. The day was an occasion to remember the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters in order to free the country from the British Raj.

On this eventful day, Hamstech Institute of Creative Education was all geared up to celebrate India’s day of pride with great fervor and enthusiasm. Students and faculty across all the six centers gathered to spread love and the feeling of brotherhood.

Here is a glimpse of how Hamstech celebrated Independence Day this year.

Hamstech has always been an institute that encourages liberal thoughts and actions. The Institute has a mixed crowd of students coming from different states of India. Students join Hamstech with an aim to learn and grow together.

Like every year, this independence day too, students and faculty members across all the six centers came together and actively participated in various events. The entire institute was decorated with marigold flowers, rangoli designs at the entrance and Indian flags of different sizes displayed all around. Few flags were also seen in the form of kites which were stuck on walls. Tall brass lamps were lit and placed at various corners.


Interior designing


Students from the Interior designing department came up with interior decoration themes reflecting the cultural elements of different states. They used the themes to decorate classrooms. For example, the Rajasthani theme had Rajasthani puppets which were placed as wall hangings all over the place. Similarly, the Terracotta Bankura horse that originates from West Bengal and the famous Kathakali face mask from Kerala were also used in the decorations. All these themes presented a miniature India created by the students.

Similarly, students from the Fashion Designing department geared up by dressing in costumes from different states of India. A fancy dress competition was organized, from which the three best-dressed got the prize.


Fashion Designing


It was a delight to see how beautifully students blended various costumes and brought out the cultural essence of each region of India. The first prize was won by a student who wore the traditional costume of Kashmir, the ‘Phiran’. The second prize was won by a student who dressed in a costume from Nagaland known as ‘Angami’ while the third prize was won by a student who draped a sari in typical Marathi style.

Hamstech’s jewellery design department also participated in the celebration. Students pursuing the Jewellery Design course were all excited for the competitions. The students had to create jewellery specific to different states of India.


jewellery design


Every student took a special interest in crafting the jewellery. There was a rich display of jewellery from the states of West Bengal, Gujarat, Rajasthan and more. Every piece of jewellery bore testament to the skills of the students. It was indeed a proud and happy day for Hamstech that successfully brought the various colours of India together under one roof in various ways. These beautiful moments were best captured in frames by the photography students. Students from photography classes clicked pictures of the activities. Each picture displayed unity, love, and positivity among Hamstech students.


photography classes


Hamstech is one of the many institutes that give the essential freedom of creativity to its students. Here, every student is encouraged and given the right platform to work on their dreams. Students, irrespective of caste and religion, join Hamstech to learn and grow into a liberal, creative and resourceful citizens. Education at Hamstech is of high quality that aims to bring out the best in the students.

Hamstech wishes that the spirit of Independence Day stays alive every moment in every Indian’s heart. Jai Hind!

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