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Indian Flavours Punched in Modern Fashion

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The Indian touch on a garment’s design is capable of attracting the world’s attention. It’ is amazing how Indian artists capture and create fashion. The fashion world is loaded with the fusion of Indian and Western wear. Indian fashion flavours are largely sought after and are popular everywhere.

Right from the historic times, Indian art has nourished the fashion trends. It has continued for generations. It’s fascinating to see that Indian art forms have made their way into fashion and has made statements among every social status. When we talk about modern fashion, it includes everything- from the purely desi apparels to more recent garment varieties. The element of Indian dress-making culture nourishes the current dressing norms and adds the grace of indigenous styles to them.

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It’s the fashion designing colleges that convey this peculiar yet prospective feature of Indian fashion to the budding fashion makers. The young minds, during the course of their education, imbibe the spirit of merging innovative and enriched Indian flavours into their collections. This is how they come up with modern fashion that projects native visual treats on a variety of fashionable garments.

As you know more about Indian garments, you can see 2 distinct qualities they have, namely: the presence of embellishment and splendour of colours. The themes that even the newbies bring to the classes in fashion designing institutes are inspired by the traditions characterised by these features.

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Hamstech is one of the most celebrated fashion designing colleges in Hyderabad. It has the tradition of inspiring young students to create more innovative designs which can prove competitive in the fashion scenario.

Here are few Indian flavours in modern fashion that are in vogue and are signaling a major leap in the Indian fashion industry.

Kalamkari Prints

A type of hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile, Kalamkari is produced largely in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The specialty of this art form is that only natural dyes are used. This also involves several steps. In modern times, Kalamkari prints are applied to a variety of garments. This include blouses, kurtis, sarees and dresses.


This elegant Indian skirt showcases a huge range of embellishments and artistry. Lehengas also display cultural influences. The beauty of the lehengas lie in the diversity of the work that each of them has depending on the locations. Mostly paired with a choli (Indian blouse), it is the most favourite Indian garment for young women.


Bandhni is the prime example of exquisite dyeing traditions of the Indian subcontinent. Bandhani is a popular saree type from Gujarat and Rajasthan. This art has evolved over time and is popular in overseas too. It has indeed established a name with the popularity of dyed garments in countries like the USA.

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The saree is the typical Indian traditional wear. Been in vogue for centuries, this garment is accepted heartily by the current generation too. It has even been worn in contemporary styles. This has been combined with jackets, belts, capes and pants. The spectacularly wide variety of sarees available make it the most versatile Indian garment ever.

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